December 10th, 2004



Look at all the new items added in with yesterday's update. Who knows when they'll become available though.

Looks like there's going to be some really new stuff:

Rabbit Belt 1 0 Rare/Ex
Enchantment: Costume

Costume? Costume? What the heck is that?

Plus a lot more chargeable things, like rings to teleport you to the various crags. (I wonder if they'll be crafter-made or available through some event, like the upcoming Christmas thingie?)

Looks like there will be more stuff for mog houses, including the holiday trees (...yay...).

Also: Info on the GB6 quest items. (Near the bottom of the page.)

I'm still hunting for details about food-changes. If anyone finds out about Jacks, please let me know. As soon as Fishingbot is free of the darned things, he'll be going bye-bye. *sniffle* He's my favorite mule, but he's in Sandy; if I'm keeping only one mule, it needs to not be in Sandy.
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