December 19th, 2004


First I was too hungry, then I was too full!

Sometimes I worry that my days revolve around my belly. I was too busy to eat most of the day (I had bread for breakfast, then bread with butter for a very late lunch), so by the time I could eat, I ate a whole frozen pizza (*crunch*crunch*), now I'm too full!

Okay, that paragraph sounds like it was written by a kid, doesn't it?

This morning was spent puttering around, and the afternoon/evening was partying on FFXI. We all got a level or two (I got two! 29! Yay!). For the very first time ever, partying was hard. I mean, the area was hard. (The jungles outside of Kazham, the harder zone of it.) Usually it's a bad party if we have one death, but I think we had like five of them today. Goblins were everywhere, kicking our asses. Finally a nice high level fellow from our LS came and babysat us (killed all the gobs that wandered around as we killed the little Mandys). I'm very sorry that the whole day was so stressful for everyone (yes, I know it was mostly the area and other things, but I really want people to have a good time with the group), and hopefully next time will be better. Even though we're a static, I'm looking forward to leaving the jungles behind us. (I think we're going to the desert next week instead, but I lost track of where the conversation about it went.)

Unfortunately I'm getting to the point of having to level my subjob. It's only good for three more levels, which is only 1-2 more times partying. Sigh. I so so so don't want to go to the Dunes with it, but I can't make enough on Eco to level it... I guess I'm going to have to buckle down and do it. Even if I can get just two levels, that'll hold me for a bit more. (If only thieves didn't have to pull, I'd be so much less against going to do it! But I've only pulled once or twice before, and I'm worried I won't do it well.)

(End FFXI-talk!)

I watched another ep of dubbed Fullmetal Alchemist this weekend. I'm very, very, very sorry to say that the voices are mostly growing on me. I still hate Ed's, but most of the others I've become okay with. *sniffle* I should listen to the subbed eps again sometime to remind me what the "correct" voices sound like. I love Al's dubbed voice though, and did from Day One.

I watched one ep of Naruto. Oh, and I heard a spoiler for an upcoming ep. *sniffle* I very much hope it's wrong, but I think I heard it before so it's probably not. That series does "sad" way way too well. (The Zabuza/Haku arc end is still the saddest thing I've ever seen on TV/movies/etc.)

(End anime-talk!)

We get Friday off at work, so yay. And hopefully we'll get let out early on Thursday. I just wish the four days before then won't be busy. I want to RP! It must be about a week since I last RPed. Not by choice! It's hard to RP if I'm braindead, and work has been so bad lately. I wonder if I'll have more of a drive to RP once I'm done reading the Sly/Grayson logs? Because, see, reading them feels like RP, just without the work of me actually writing the poses! Still so many left to read though. (I only get through a couple a day, unlike when I read the biker gang logs for 8-10 hour stretches.)
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