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Jumping in with both feet, both arms, both hands, and all of the rest of me, too

Last night I decided that since I couldn't find hardly any, the world (wide web) needed more screenshots of the Jesus Christ Superstar musical. And, since I have the ability to make screenshots and the space to host them, who better for the job?

Well, I had intended to just take a few shots, one or two of each of the major characters. Ha ha ha! I went a little overboard. 100 shots, and that's only through two-thirds of the play. Sheesh.

I'm currently downloading them now. I'll be lucky to finish just that before bedtime. How in the world will I edit, resize, and thumbnail 100+ shots? I'm so insane...

I actually took more than a hundred, but a whole bunch of them didn't come out well. I didn't notice it while watching the DVD just to watch it, only once I started taking photos: They really played with the lights in the scenes. Anything with Jesus is flooded with yellow light (killing photos, thanks guys), and blues and greens and reds in other situations.

Who knows when they'll all get online, but hopefully I'll have a few samples tomorrow.
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