February 28th, 2005

Kyo Kitty Freaks Out (Fruits Basket)

Blech, Monday

Another day, another dollar... another day the co-worker is 40 minutes late and still not here. I really need to stop getting here on time myself. Bah.

For Hyper and Chia and everyone else who recommended the Hunter books: Though I'm not finished with the Dark Tower book yet, I left it in my car over the weekend so started the first Hunter book instead. I'm sorry to say that Hyper was right: The writing is so simplistic it's really, really hard to get into the story.

Rusty went into the woods. Rusty jumped over a stick. Then he saw another cat! "Hello," he mewed.

I do like this type of story, but I've read it so many times in books aimed towards (and written for) adults, it's even harder to stick with Hunter. Not to mention, I'm only three chapters into it, and the darned thing is just full of plot holes. (Rusty/Firepaw lived with humans and hardly ever went into the woods... so how did he become such a good fighter? Why was he able to keep up with the wild cats so well? Why was he fit to be chosen by the wild cats to join them? "Just because" isn't an answer.)

Add on top of that that the writer has real problems with overuse of "he said/she said" in dialogue, and that the wild cats have just way too much info on the human world (how would they know what a lion is? What a tiger is?), and the book has me rolling my eyes on nearly every page.

I own the first three books, so will probably read those (if nothing else, it's very fast reading), but I doubt I'll read the rest of the series.

Dark Tower: I'm really enjoying the book... other than every time Stephen King is mentioned as a character. Every time that happens, it knocks me right out of the mood of the story. Grumble. I can't wait to finish the book so I can read others' comments and see what they thought.

FFXI: Busy weekend. Some good, some bad. The good parts were really good, the bad parts really bad.

On Saturday we had our 8 AM "subjob static" group. By 10 AM we were still just standing around, trying to find a WHM. By 10:30 or so we set out with the worst WHM on the game (twice pulled on his own, called for help on mobs that didn't need it, etc). Got maybe four kills and then we broke up. Wasted morning. Lost a lot of sleep when I was already short on it.

Saturday afternoon I spent about three hours fishing, and got five stacks of moat carp. Confirmed that I really didn't like fishing, so went and bought the last 400 or so fish I needed for my Lu's rod. (My logic: Hey, I hate fishing for moat carp, but once I get this rod, things will be better!) Did a little random fishing and fishing for skill, still hated it.

Sunday: Normal DRK static. We rocked. Got two levels.

Sunday afternoon/evening: Decided to fish for skill on ferry. Brought 40 rods to break. Three ferry trips and 20 broken rods = no skillups and pissed Thistle. /check'ed some of the other fishers, found they were all using Lu's with meatballs as bait. Not one rod had been repaired in any of the trips. I knew that that combo should break, but I 1) was annoyed and didn't really care, and 2) thought maybe something in the patch had made Lu's stronger (but not really, mostly it was 1). Caught about 6 fish... then my Lu's broke. My reaction: I laughed out loud. I hate this new system of fishing, I spent literally millions to get this special rod... and no matter what sort of fishing I do, I still hate it. Once nice Ead fixes it, I'm going to toss the damned thing into storage and forget about fishing. Grrr. I want my millions back.

By Sunday night I was just pissed at the game. The LS got even worse than usual with "lol", everyone begging endlessly for help (even help for people not members of the LS!!), and beating already-unfunny jokes into the ground (gods above, this is happening so often now), so turned it off. Farmed a little, but mostly just growled at annoying people.

I know the weekend was more good than bad, but it ended on such a down note that I'm really grumpy today. And hungry enough to eat my desk, too. Grrrrrr.
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Extra stuff

Bits I forgot to post earlier:

tersa, you might like ru_streetfoto. I love photos of random stuff, especially city stuff, but I bet you'd like it because all the photos are of Russian things.

FFXI: Eating the Coeurl Sautee did not work out at all. I didn't notice that I was hitting harder, but perhaps that was because I wasn't hitting at all! (loldrk) Grrrr. For the first time in ages, I was missing four... five... six times in a row! Usually I miss maybe once per fight! But without eating my Jack o'Lanterns, I was sometimes going whole fights without hitting!

Since I'm now up to so much ATT+ with all my new equipment, I'm going to stick with Jacks at least until I hit 48 and can use my Lifebelt, then will try out Coeurl Sautee again.

Other sad FFXI thing from the weekend: Since we hit 43, I was able to equip my AF scythe... and then I checked it and checked it and checked it again to see if it was the wrong one or not. I thought I was getting the big, black, evil-looking scythe, but it was just... brown. And grey. And looked like it could break if you dropped it. /cry (Turns out what I had been thinking of is Vassago's Scythe, which I can't use till level 58 but I can at least buy.) What a disappointment!
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