April 4th, 2005


"?skip=350" = not as bad as I thought...

I haven't checked LJ since Wednesday afternoon, so I expected ?skip=5729275432052, but luckily it's "only" ?skip=350. 350 new posts to read! I can do that! ...eventually.

Under 4 hours sleep? Check.
Multiple nightmares in one night? Check.
Must be back to work time!


I had meant to keep up with LJ while I was away, but it didn't happen. I played FFXI most of the time and left the house only to check the mail twice. I love, love, love being able to hide inside for a while and not have to deal with the outside world and random people!

I'm almost done with those Warrior books (the cat books, by that Hunter chick). I think no one on my flist has actually finished the series, so I'll do this without spoilers: In a series of books that did not surprise me even once, that was full of plot holes and things that made no sense at all, of characters who were so one-dimensional that you could read a newspaper through them, the writer finally surprised me. Halfway through the last book, and the setup that she had been building for all of the previous six books did not happen. At first I laughed in delight, then I realized that she probably started writing book #7 and had the great idea, then had to figure out how to use it when she had built up the previous six books to go in an alternate direction.

That's not to say this idea she had was perfect: there are many, many things about it that make me want to rip the pages out and stomp on them. There are too many elements that just fly in the face of logic. Collapse )

So that was my weekend's reading. Unsurprisingly I also played quite a bit of FFXI, but don't have anything exciting to report. Farmed a lot, got alchemy from 10 to 53, and that's about it. I do have some screenshots though, which I'll post sometime this week (need to edit them first).
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Thinking out loud: FFXI

Two things:

1) Consider this: Summerfest + mining in Ifrit's Cauldron. *boggle* No potential XP loss, and free (and almost endless) sneak/invisible. I know I went there once, so hume males can get there (assuming the event happens as it did last year and assuming the partner-combos still give the same results). I am SO bringing stacks of picks, hatchets, etc with me if Summerfest happens the same as it did last year.

2) Alchemy. Over the weekend I had only my "skillup guide", not a full alchemy guide. Looking at it today, I just boggle at all the things I can make... and could make if I continue leveling it. (I'll take it up to 74 for sure, but if I level further than that I'll lose leathercraft levels.) I need to do some hard thinking and consider letting my leathercraft lower so I could take alchemy higher. The idea pains me (and my wallet) endlessly, but leather is doing so little for me now, and alchemy could be a constant in-flow of money... but. But. But. I worked so hard for every tenth of a point of leather! Paid tens of thousands of gil for every tenth of a point of increase! How could I ever consider letting that be erased?

I was pondering using my King Ranperre's Tomb key tonight (go there and kill worms for flint as I search for a chest), but I think I'll just drop the key instead. (If you get the item (war gloves, I believe) it's worth a couple thousand, but if you get the gil it's only 500-1000. Either way, it's not really worth spending potentially hours on.)

Instead I'm going to head to Giddeus and try my hand at harvesting (while killing bees and worms). This means I'll have to get my field armor off the mule...

It's so annoying to have only a couple hours a day to play the game. I hate all you people who have no jobs and so can play all day. :)
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