April 27th, 2005



I never did get around to posting those screenshots from last weekend. Heh. I suck!

Recall that we did a big mission on Friday? Killing Diabolos? Well this is him! (Big, isn't he?) I'm told he's appeared in other FF games, so I figured people might want to see him. No spoilers (text blurred out).

When I first started playing FFXI, I thought the "dinosaur head armor" was the oddest stuff around. I had no idea what it was called, and when I called it "that stuff that looks like you have a dinosaur skull on your head" no one knew what I was talking about. So it's especially odd that I wore it for the Diabolos battle. Am I insane? Doesn't that look like a dinosaur skull? (And doesn't it go so well with my panties? Heh.)

For non-players, your "bazaar" (how you sell stuff you're holding, as opposed to selling through the auction house) allows you to set a very short comment. A couple lines, a couple words. I keep track of my crafts in mine (which also helps me get commissions). Eh, I noticed I think a couple of those are wrong. I hit bone 54 last night, and I think my fishing is 61 instead of 60...

But other people, like a certain flirt we know, do other highly cute things with theirs:

I giggled so much when I saw Aurifish's! :)

Last night I noticed I hadn't worn my panties in days. Suppose I'm getting tired of shocking people? Once we hit 52 and I can wear AF and do that quest, I suppose I might turn them in. We just need to hit 52 first. ;;
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