May 9th, 2005


Bouncy weekend!

While I didn't do anything special this weekend, it was still pretty darned nice. Yay no working! Yay, um... no working! Yay!

It was oddly stormy on Sunday, but that's okay. It's kind of nice to be still getting rain when we're usually dry as a bone by now. (And hey, I didn't have to water my plants!)

hamburger did that "comment and I'll draw a picture based on one of your interests" meme, but she did it with a twist: She picked two interests and drew them interacting. The one she did for me was highly amusing. :) "Snape" and "Japanese candy". And best of all? Snape's in the closet eating. Heeheehee.

FFXI was highly busy. A few screenshots first:

Two random people in love. Eeee. :) One looks like me~!

I finally got a good shot of my new armor. Is it not sexy as hell? :) Black + silver = MMMMMMM. I'll be really sorry to have to replace it at 55.

And here's my in-game girlfriend. Isn't she hot? See, Draque? She's not an NPC! /fume

Friday: "Subjob and others static". Since we were lacking a kawaru (hope you're okay!), we picked up a random ranger. And since we're always missing a WHM, we happened upon emelie_dream's cute little Taru WHM seeking, so I grabbed her. The ranger was just horrible, a typical "lolrng". (Oh look how much damage I do! Wanna hear the most damage I've ever done? Look at me! I have a big penis! Look! Look! Look!) Luckily he left the party almost as soon as we started (his HNM LS wanted him in Sky. He's in a HNM LS because he has a big penis. Look at it! Isn't it big? All the people who go to Sky have big penises, and so he must tell us he's going to Sky because his penis is so large!)

After the ranger left, we were down to me as the puller. Ugh ugh ugh. In all of FFXI, the thing I hate the very most is pulling. Not only do I hate having to fight with people for stuff (I don't mine because I don't want to have to fight for mining points, and when someone moves into my farming area, I usually just go somewhere else), I get lost just too damned easily. Pulling in the Jungle means you have to fight for every darned pull (there were 4? 5? parties in the same little place with us), and I almost died when I had to zone a gob and ran the wrong way. Bah. Please let my THF get to 37 fast so I can stop playing the job!

Saturday: I sent mental thanks to eilonwey all day long. I needed a coffer in Eldieme (a place full of undead and bombs and other stuff that's really bad to everyone and especially hard for DRK me), and it's a task I'd been dreading doing for weeks. Saturday morning I woke up and decided I was going to get it done. By hook or by crook, I was going to stay in EN until I died, succeeded, or it was time for static on Sunday. Unlike her, I just went to that one disconnected point first, I hadn't checked the others... or at least that had been the plan.

I've only been to the Glacier like... twice? before, and both times I followed other people. I figured if I knew the pos of the zone into EN I could just run straight there... but being rather glacier-like, the Glacier had cliffs and ridges and other things that made getting there a lost cause. Luckily philia came out and lead me to the right place. :)

So I waited and waited for the coffer to show up. One hour, two hours... (At first I had been logging off like eilonwey had, but at one point someone ran through checking for the coffer, so I decided to stay logged on and keep checking it every few minutes.) At just about two and a half hours, it showed up. I ran to it, got it, recast sneak... and that was it. :P No aggro, no pain, no trouble. Warped out!

Boy, was waiting there the totally right decision. I think I must have found the same "safe hallway" eilonwey had used to log out and in in. (A dead end? Had some sort of tallow lamp to click on?) With the hallway being there, this task was easy as pie. I could use the hallway to sit for MP (I was /WHM for sneak), recast sneak, or just destress for a moment.

I'm so happy to have the EN coffer done! Now just two more coffer/keys needed, and I'll have all of my AF! Eee! Yay!

Not wanting to make arrows, after the coffer I returned to chocobo digging. Got little good stuff, didn't level up at all, but killed time.

Sunday: Sunday was... challenging. It wasn't a good day, but it was fully and 100%ly my own fault. I know I need time to get ready for static. I need to mule stuff, I need time to get myself into the right place mentally, I need time to check and make sure I have everything. Plus, on this Sunday I had intended to make arrows for the two hours before static, so my inventory was full of materials. Against what I knew I should do, when a call went out for an Escort run, I jumped on it and went. (In the past they had always been so easy! "Free XP"! Never ever any trouble at all!)

Everything went wrong with Escort, though through no (or little) fault of our own. Someone got the quest right before us and took forever to do it, making us late in starting. Since we had only four people total, we didn't finish it in time and got nothing for our time and effort. And, on the way out of the zone, I got aggro and died. *sigh*

So we were late getting to static, and had worse than nothing to show for it. (I had had three raise-less deaths since our last static, and this one today nearly deleveled me! I went from the front of our static's XP to the back of it. ;; ) Plus, I was totally not prepared. No powder/oil (*cry* I feel like crap when I have to make a mage do that for me), no juice-making material. I was lucky to have food at all.

Since kelen was out "sick" we had to pick up a random extra. We ended up with a red mage who worried me a lot (she was still in RSE armor at level 51!). But she ended up being fine, so that was okay. I got very spoiled! Refresh = I could cast my absorb spells as much as I wanted. This made me so happy:

When I absorb a mob's stats, they get added onto me! Increased dex, increased str, increased vit. Each fight. :) Most of us hit 51, me just barely. (I'm like 14 XP into the level. I Cannot Die This Week! Even with a raise I would delevel! No death!) I learned Vorpal Scythe, which I had thought would rock (it looks great!) but not just sucked as a WS but had a really, really, really odd effect on hate. (It tended to do HALF of my non-WS damage, yet every time I used it I got hate. When I used Slice (same element) in the same SC, I did more damage but never got hate. How wacky is that?)

After static I got off my lazy butt and made more arrows. Mega-boring, but good money, and I really needed money. I bought Absorb-DEX this weekend, which cost 410,000. Ugh. I still need my new scythe, which is 800,000 (and quickly rising). Almost a million for a weapon. *cry* (But luckily it's almost the last scythe I'll ever need.)
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FFXI Census

You can find all the information here on the official site. Some things that caught my eye as I read through it.

1) 41% of all characters are mules. That's an almost boggling number. I hate to sound like one of those who consider S-E to be making some sort of conspiracy against players, but think how much extra money they're making on all those mule characters, just because players need more storage space...

2) The most popular item bid on at the Jeuno Auction House is Shihei (about 2.66% of all the bids). Hmmm. Hmmm. That would explain the two characters in Sandy who do nothing but synth it 24/7. I keep shying away from entering that market myself, but... The arrow market is good money for me, but could I do better? Should I try? (See also: Me not liking to fight for things. I'd rather not enter a too-hot market because I don't want to have to fight with other sellers and relist stuff and deal with price wars and stuff.) But if the money would be much better...

3) Dark Knight is the least popular job, and is falling. Eek. (Oh wait, I guess it's the least popular before the others which are so unpopular they fall into "others"?) Silly people. DRK is a good, powerful, versatile job!

4) I continue to be the least common hume size. Yay small hume males! ( Shut up, LS people. :P ) My face type (yay bowl cut!) is the second most popular. I blame the lying character creation screen. The end result does NOT look like this! I'd be happier if it did!

5) The breakdown of beastman jobs is really interesting. I've never encountered a Sahagin DRG. Do they have a pet?

6) The info on most popular items sold could be a good resource if you're wondering what to farm for.

7) The crafting info is depressing and confirms that I really made a mistake by taking leather so high.

Such interesting information! I wish they did this more than once a year! And I love the note they closed the report on. "Until one day when we meet in Vana'diel..." :) :) :)
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