June 2nd, 2005

Snape approves!

Midnight rec! (HP)

I had had other plans for tonight (like spending my last FFXI night on FFXI!) but instead I got caught up in the most wonderful HP fanfic I've read in a long time.

In Between Days by atrata. Snape/Harry, NC-17 (very not work safe).

You'll have to forgive me for this less than coherent rec, but I should have been in bed and asleep more than an hour and a half ago -- but there was no way I could stop reading!

The story is so yummily dark, and Snape is so... Slytherin. You can't tell what exactly he's up to until the very end. (A very outstanding end, in fact!)

I don't read fanfic for the sex scenes (I avoid PWP -- non-fanfic people: PWP = Plot? What Plot? Fics with little or no plot, just sex), but man, the sex in this fic was [tired brain tries to come up with something clever ... H-O-T-T? Hot-with-a-capital-H? zzzzz].

It looks like atrata finished writing this a few days ago, so I may be behind the times in reccing it, but if you're like me and missed it thus far do yourself a favor and go check it out!

And now: Bed. And hopefully yummy Snarry dreams. :)
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About three... well, two and a half hours till I have to run off to the airport. Bored to death on FFXI, so caught up with my flist again. Yay interesting posts!

I keep thinking about the HP Snape/Harry fic I read last night (In Between Days ). I'd like to read it again, but no time!

Last night I had a nightmare about Batman and the Joker (style from the newest Batman cartoon) killing each other. WTF? I don't even like the cartoon, how the heck is it getting into my dream, and why do I care about them so much that one killing the other could be made into a nightmare? *boggle*

An oddly nice/handy thing happened on the LS today (back to FFXI again! Wheee rapid subject changes!). Someone was pulling together help for a mission, and asked for "DDs level 60+". That was nice because then I didn't have to say "Um, can I help or would me going be more trouble than it's worth?". I like helping, but I hate to put people in a position where they have to worry about my feelings for turning me down because I'm too low.

Other than that, I farmed a little on the game as I cleaned and stuff. Did some chocobo digging, but still haven't leveled it. Chocobo digging is so insane. I'm crazy for doing it, but sometimes I get so bored I do it just to kill time.

Enough babbling! More cleaning, need to cook some muffins, then off to the airport!

Be good everyone! See you in a week!
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