June 12th, 2005

Sleepy Ken

A day of much loss, much gain, and a few screenshots (FFXI mostly)

So tired. Just a quickie post because I'm tired. So tired. Did I mention I'm tired? Zzzzz.

Okay, that's about the end of the non-FFXI content of this post, so go ahead and skip the rest if you're not interested in gaming stuff. I thought I'd write more than that, but this whole tired thing is getting in the way.

I don't recall what I did yesterday (I'm sure it was fun stuff with the people I like! And I'm sorry I forgot!), but today was jam-packed with stuff. I woke up and hopped onto the &*()$&%)(! ferry to %*$&!% fish. I've not fished in FFXI in a number of months, and the time away did NOT make it any more enjoyable. I fished maybe two hours before my hands went numb and my wrists hurt so bad (even with the controller). And oh yeah, I almost died, too. (I was WHM/BLM for teleporting, sneaking, and warping -- not my main job.) Got a few fishing skillups and a fewer number of woodworking ones. (That's why I was out there, trying to break rods so I could fix them and skill woodworking.)

So after that I puttered around till it was time for static. Not to toot our own horn, but man do we rock. We got... 14K XP in 4 hours? Something close to that. I hit 55! Yay! Yay! Yay! No buffer at all (I'm like 11 into level :P ) but yay! 55! I got to wear my new armor! Look how well it all matches! Gah! I finally match! I got new body, neck, pants (pants! No more subligar!), and two earrings! And best of all, it all matches! :D

Our static must have gone on for more than 4 hours (2:30 to 6:15... I keep doing the math, but my tired brain keeps telling me that that's 4 hours-ish), because I was so totally exhausted after it. We were killing crabs non-stop, no downtime for MP or anything. 4 hours can't be right, for as tired as I got. (So hard to see the screen. zzzzzzz)

After the static we went and did something with a LS group. I really have no idea what our goal was, other than maybe gold orc masks? We went to the Mon-Cave-whatevers (too tired to look it up, that higher level in Davio... Davio... whatever) and killed orcs there for a while. I got like 5 levels of marksmanship, so I was very very happy. (I've been wanting to skill that, and those orcs were the perfect level.) I'm still curious as to why we were there though... but whatever the reason, I was happy to have been able to help out!

Then after that *pant*pant* I went to help with RSE things. The wonderful still-wearing-subligar Jaide needed his, so we went into that horrible, horrible Ordello's Cave (I think I spelled that one right?) to do it. Whoever designed those stairs needs to die. And during the helping, I got another piece of my RSE, too! I was sorry I couldn't go back out and help more, but that whole tired-thing...

Very very unusually, I saw TWO NMs today! And this is where that "loss" thing came in. While we were in the Ordello's Cave, Stroper Chyme popped right in front of me! (This is just a pictue of him from later in the night, I hadn't taken a screenshot at the time.) I was alone with him for like 15 seconds! But I was so surprised and worried he was higher level than I could handle, someone else had time to use Flee and grab him. Bah. He was TW-- (how was I able to check a NM?), so I could have handled him fine. I kicked myself over that for the rest of the night. (I've been thinking about making my own sniper's so I can have them self-signed, so the ring he dropped would have been perfect.)

While XPing, Amemet popped right next to us! And again, I was the first person there! I /poke'ed him and Ead /welcome'ed him before the gilsellers got there and grabbed him. No clue if he was our level or not, but an... um... thing happened and our WHM ended up dead so we couldn't have even tried if we wanted to. (We never, ever, ever have deaths in our static. This was a totally not-related-to-XPing thing. Not Ceh's fault, either!)

Perfect day in Rabao (full sized screenshot) A picture I took while Draque and I were waiting for our static to gather. A pretty perfect screenshot, if I do say so myself! You can really get a sense of the place, and the random guy crafting in the front adds pretty color.

That's it! So tired. I'd like to watch a Bleach ep, but bed calls. Zzzzzzz.
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