June 15th, 2005


Iced Fish Cake!

I don't like to admit that I spend time on Neopets. Despite some adults playing it, it really does come off as a (very grammatically challenged) site for kids. But for those times I need to kill time at work, it fills the bill. But my real enjoyment on the site? Finding wacky items with creative descriptions.


Iced Fish Cake: A large fish cake coated in extra sweet strawberry icing. Yum?

Hot Worm Hot Dog: A thick, juicy worm wrapped between a hot dog bun, smothered in tomato sauce.

- Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream

And one of my new favorites:

Dung Cream Sandwich: Well I guess you have to do something with all the dung!

Well, I guess you do. :P


In other news: So tire. So very very tired. Got >5 hours of sleep for the second night in a row, and for the second night the few hours I got were broken and filled with nightmares. Silly spirit, getting all renewed by my vacation! You need to re-accept how much work sucks! Just get over that and we'll get through our 9 hours a day here and that'll be that!

I'm strongly suspecting that our company is going to shut down or go bankrupt or something like that. All of our top people keep leaving. They all give the same reasons (They want the challenge of joining a start-up! They're all still fully confident in [our company]!), but they're all jumping ship. Maybe we're not going to shut down. Maybe it's just that we've only gotten ONE RAISE in FIVE YEARS and the top people got their salaries cut on top of that. Maybe it's that soon they're going to cut all of our salaries further and make us earn that back (if we can). Who knows! (And yes, yes, I should have long since quit as well, but finding a new job would be annoying. Perhaps even more annoying than staying here.)

I grabbed an egg sandwich for breakfast this morning, and boy was it good! Mmmm. I've not had one in like 3-4 weeks, and it was just so totally yummy. It's nice to be really full and really satisfied! Yummy egg protein, perhaps I should make you at home sometime. If only eggs weren't icky...

And on the subject of eggs (and the ickiness at eating them), we have a bird's nest in our car port! (I guess that's what you call a garage with no walls, right?) The nest is really low and so interesting to see. The two birds are such good parents! I think the chicks have hatched, because sometimes I hear the cutest little peepings.

See my new icon? The wonderful (and violent!) loneguardian made it for me! Yay! I'll try to use it on all of my FFXI postings, which will make it easier for those uninterested to skip them.
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Super Ninjas! (Naruto)

Naruto (Look! An all-anime post! How rare!)

*stands up* Hi, my name is Thistle, and I cannot spell the names of the main characters in an anime I've been watching for months.

I think my brain is broken, I just can't get all the letters in the right order in Japanese names! And stupid Google is no help. Do a search for "Naruto character guide" and you get a crapload of stupid quiz results! Bah. Anyway, now that I've looked up the spelling of all the important names, here we go with the post!

I've come to the point where I'm almost not liking Naruto much. Why? Two reasons, one old and one new.

#1) I hate Sakura. I hate her from the very second she shows up on the screen. She doesn't even have to open her mouth (or cry), and I hate her. She is so utterly and totally useless. I'm so sick of useless female characters in anime, and she is the most useless of them all. I hate her pink hair. I hate her outfits. I hate how, after more than a HUNDRED eps of her throwing herself at Sasuke and having him reject her, she still does it! Gah! *pulls out own hair*

#2) Collapse ) This point has actually done much more to kill my love for the series than the first one. I've lost all respect for it.

So anyway. Now the series is going into what looks like a god awful filler ep. "Unreasonable story logic?" Check. "Butt-ugly character designs on NPCs?" Check. Sounds like filler to me! But what makes this even worse? Sakura is one of the two main characters in it. *pulls more hair out*

I caught up with the subbing group, but I really couldn't be bothered to watch the preview for the next ep. I just didn't care. What happened to the earlier quality? Things like the Haku/Zabuza story arc?

To be fair, there were a couple little things I liked about these last few eps. Collapse ) But those are just tiny little things in the face of so much I dislike. I do not want to stop liking this series! It used to be my favorite one! I just hope this filler arc doesn't last too long, otherwise it will be hard to maintain my remaining liking of it.

Edit before posting: Reading the manga isn't an option for me. I'm reading the manga for Bleach (just for the eps which have aired thus far as anime), and I can't see the draw of it (ha ha, no pun intended). I know, I know, I'm odd. But since I can't get into the manga, I really want to experience the story for the first time in animated form. See the colors, hear the voices, all that.
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