July 15th, 2005

Snape approves!

Yay Friday! (HP and FFXI)

Yay Fridays! Almost the weekend! Woo!

UPS tracking reports that my copy of the new HP book arrived in my hometown this morning. Wish that meant there was a chance in hell of me getting it today, but that's highly unlikely. Or impossible. One of the two. Either way, at least maybe it means I won't get it too late tomorrow.

I'm still very happy I've seen all the spoilers I have. I know all of the big things that are happening in the book, and many/most of the little things. I was sort of "meh" about the new book till I read everything that would be happening!


FFXI: Nothing overly exciting happened last night. I did only one round of digging. Every zone I tried -- 5 of them! -- was totally dug up. Even zones that have only crap were empty! Between that and me having no patience for digging (which had started the day before, when I kept hopping off my bird to kill things), meant it would be silly to keep trying.

Silly and deadly.

Many people on the game assume that DRKs can neither hit things (horrible ACC) nor take hits (defense of a wet paper bag!). Neither is true, so long as the DRK in question isn't naked. And of course I don't wear my armor while digging, so jumping off the bird to kill things is stupid. Yet I did it twice. A strong sign that I'm bored of digging.

On a related note, I found that I have a new earring for 58 (read: now)! Assault earring (+5 att, +5 acc... -too much to either def or eva, I forget which). By the time I wear my Hauby (level 59) I'm going to be about -35 EVA. *BOGGLE* I'll be nearly that much +att and more than half that +acc, but so much -eva and -def! Anyway, I had the assault earring on a mule, and only found that it was level 58 while looking for stuff I'd need in my 60s.

Most of the stuff I need in the 60s is in the 65-70 range of levels (the Thick line). So... I have nothing to buy till I get close to that. (I've had my level 59 stuff since I hit level 50 -- way too long to store it!) I'm pondering saving up for some "good but unnecessary" stuff. (Snipers +1? Amemit +1?) I guess the amemit HQ would be more worth it than the sniper HQ. (Amemit NQ = +10 ATT, HQ = +15 ATT. Sniper NQ = +5 ACC, HQ = +7 ACC) I wonder what amemit HQ is currently going for on Midgar. 12 million? 10 million? +15 att sure would be nice...

Edit: No Alla posters from Midgar listed prices, but many other servers reported prices well under a million. Even if we were double that, could the price be only 2 million? Sheesh! If so, I'll pick up one tonight! (Or maybe wait till after the next new moon, since more would be on the market then...)
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{Japanese} {Can I have it?} (FFXI only)

After much time, effort, and trouble, I finally got my amemet mantle +1! I spent almost an entire day looking for it! Gasp! So much effort! I struggled and searched and--- okay. I spent a lunchtime shouting in Jeuno for one (none were up at the AH), then since there still wasn't one up when I got home from work, I checked the sales history and contacted the fellow who had sold the most.

And that's where my adventures with the Japanese leathercrafter(100+3) began!

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So yay! Once I hit 61 I'll be able to wear it! At first I was sad he didn't sign it (even though I don't know him, signed things are cool!), but then I figured maybe it wasn't so bad that he didn't; maybe people will see my leather skill listed in my bazaar comment and think I HQed it. Heh!

Next up: I think I'll go for HQed sniper's. They're "only" 4.something M. I'll have to save more money ahead first though.

I'm going to be the least "loldrk" there ever was! Or does all this make me the most? :P Kidding aside, I'm doing this because it makes me happy. I love playing DRK so much. :)
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