July 22nd, 2005


Bestiality and FFXI, two great tastes that... okay, don't taste so great together.

(Edit: I debated back and forth about cutting/linking the images below, but they're so small I figured it'd be okay to leave them out in the open. If they bother anyone at all, just leave a comment and I'll hide them!)

Hm. Where in the world did that "Two great tastes that taste great together!" come from? Seems like I've known it forever, but I can't recall where I heard it...

I don't give you this link to a story about a man who was killed while having sex with a horse so that you can snicker about it (but you're free to snicker if you like!), it's because this paragraph made me raise my eyebrows:

The Humane Society of the United States intends to use the case during the next state legislative session as an example of why sex with animals should be outlawed in Washington, said Bob Reder, a Humane Society regional director in Seattle.

I'm having a hard time picturing this debate happening. Could you imagine some legislative session going on, a bunch of old white men sitting around in a room. The Humane Society arrives and argues against it, and one of those men stands up and argues for it? Even if you do it under the guise of "freedom" or something... I mean man. That couldn't make you too popular when reelection time comes rolling around!


Cehra, consider yourself memo'ed:

Aurian, here's the "organ PLD" we were talking about last night:

Summerfest started in FFXI yesterday! That means new music and fireworks at night! The first event isn't so great (goldfish scooping, which we also did last year), but maybe the next one will be better. From what I've read it won't be, but hey! Maybe it will be!

Here's a picture of my NPC friend: Gunnar! He's the one I stood on lines to do quests for. I've not given him a real, proper test drive yet (oh baby?). I want to try using him when I'm in a >30 job and see how the XP goes. The first day I tested him out while farming, and the second I just let him stand around and look pretty while I scooped goldfish.
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