September 13th, 2005


"..." Sometimes I hate S-E (FFXI bitching)

While I can understand wanting to drive people back to less popular game activities, in this case it pisses me off because it was S-E's doing that made it unpopular.


Navigational charts will be added in the October version update. Each chart displays the location of a secret point where adventurers will find a surprise awaiting! Charts may be obtained by completing the quest "Inside the Belly."

So we'll have to fish up some fish to do the "Inside the Belly" quest. Bets on how high of a level fish it will be? Will the "surprise" be something good enough that people will actually level fishing to be able to catch the fish to do the quest?

And if you don't have a sand charm yet, you better darned well get it now. Know how hard they'll be to get after the update?


Dear S-E,

I had loved fishing! I spent many many many hours a day doing it! Then you ruined it by changing the system! I even sold my LSR because of the system change! Now you want to force people back to it? That's pretty low, even for you.

With no love,
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When the game stops sucking, I'll stop posting at night... (FFXI only)

Sure it's after bedtime, but once more I'm pissed instead of sleepy. (And no one better blame themselves for this. I'm an adult, I could have refused to go. So hush.)

A third person was needed for the Creeping Doom BCNM, and though I'm a DRK and not the recommended BLM, I was asked to go. I have zero faith in getting much of anything from BCNMs, but I know that the person asking had been wanting to do this and I had plenty of seals, so I agreed. (I'm wording this as carefully as I can. Again, I blame no one but myself. I could have said no. No one should try to take the blame for this. Edit: I'm rereading this over and over. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm blaming anyone. I'm mad at the BC and myself, not anyone else. Seriously and honestly! So no one better feel bad!)

First run: We timed out. The darned mob had no MP left, but we couldn't finish nuking it before the clock ran down.

Second run: Beat it, but got crap drops. Worked out to about 7K per person. (Hardly covering the food and drinks used, ignoring the value of the time invested.)

Third run: Damned BCNM lived up to its name, and we were doomed. One mage died, then the other died. I started meleeing, because that's what DRKs do. I successfully hit my 2hr macro for once, but that wasn't nearly enough to beat it when the damned thing had the MP to still cast Cure III on itself.

How in the hell was me, with my "wet paperbag defense", supposed to deal with this? Slowed, paralyzed, and using the slowest weapon on the game:

My second death in two days, when I usually go so long with no deaths. I'm losing XP on DRK, and we're not going to be gaining XP for another month. I got (another) R3 from Merlee so I didn't lose that much, but I still want to cry.

As good of a screenshot as you can get of me meleeing Bitoso, when I'm in the most butt-ugly armor ever invented.

I know LS people will laugh at this (because I used to wear subligar all the time), but dammit, I can't stand doing it anymore! I looked ugly! I've gotten used to looking so good in my DRK AF and yag hat, it was horrible seeing myself looking so bad. :( (Oh ho ho, can we get any shallower?)

To be fair, the night before this was totally opposite: The LS was the funniest it's been in a long, long time. Yossy in Zubis's collar (*purrrr!*)! Caboose wanting endless hugs! "Friendly orgies" in Merlee's bed! I laughed out loud so much. :) I love you guys, and I'm so happy we can have so much fun when the "adults" are all off doing other stuff. :)
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