September 24th, 2005

Riceball sex

GIP and small update

Heeheehee, so many new icons! starberries_ is a wonder at making them, and doesn't even want credit! (I added the text to this one, cause I'm a, what was it that Wizardmon used to say? "Pervy Pervmon"? Or as zubis said tonight "a walking slash fanfic". :D I should have screenshotted that, it was really funny.)

So big parts of Catlove are still down. :( I've not seen any email since Thursday, and I can't upload any new files. Oddly, any files uploaded Thursday or earlier are there. Sorry if I've not replied to comments, I probably have 8439581854931851 emails waiting for me.

A few things have been happening on FFXI, but it's kind of hard to post without the screenshots. I've got them all edited and ready to upload -- as soon as Catlove is fully back, I'll get them up.

Schedule for tomorrow (though it's unlikely anyone will see this before then).

9 AM (ugh, what an ungodly start time) - Helping on Bastok mission whatever (6?). I didn't log out in Jeuno, but I didn't log out in the (personal) right place, either. I'm in Windy so I can grab Eco, but I should have logged off in Bastok, since I'll need Escort sooner than Eco. :/ There should be time to grab Escort when we're done here though.

Noon: Escort static. Hopefully we won't be delayed, because...

1 PM: Clearing for Bastok Eco. (I wonder where the heck Bastok Eco is. It's probably in some mine, so I better bring a warp object...)

I'm not packed for any of these events. :/ Hopefully I'll be up early enough to warp back to Sandy, pack/dress, and get to Jeuno by 9 AM.
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