October 16th, 2005


Zzzzz. (FFXI mostly)

My last day of "vacation" (long weekend) and unfortunately it didn't live up to the fun and relaxation of the previous three days. I slept really really badly for some reason (woke up every hour or so), so finally I just got up.

And now there is a purring cat pinning down one arm. Typing slows to a stop. :)

Rude kitty. :) Anyway, since I couldn't sleep I got up and played WoW for an hour or so, and had quite a bit of fun. Made some XP, got some quests done, won an auction for a new gun. Then on to FFXI:

Before static zubis had organized a quest, and while I didn't need the reward I wanted to help out. (The reward was an XP scroll, but usable only for jobs over 20. That narrows it down to THF, WHM, and DRK. The first two don't need any more XP, and the last one is in a static.) While it was fun seeing everyone, so many people showed up that my help wasn't needed at all. :P And the plan was not to fight anything anyway, so...

But of course the plan had to go wrong, all because of one "problem child". Two different people /telled me upon seeing her on the party list saying that we were all going to die and we'd have to fight a lot because of her, and of course that turned out to be true. Idiots...

Unfortunately some people died (not me, happily), but I got a nice reward out of it (1489 out of a possible 1500 XP). Then I killed a few hours before DRK static.

Recall last week how the static went poorly? The THF who got 2-3 links on every pull? That week was perfect compared to this week. Our PLD refused to provoke. Flat-out refused. When I asked him to do it, he responded with "y". Finally we kicked him and got a NIN tank... a Taru NIN tank. A Taru NIN tank with all ATT+ armor, not EVA. He died every other fight (no exaggeration, 50% of the fights he was dead at the end). But hey, it was a deathy day, we all died at least once!

In Davoi some idiots kept training the biggest Orc NM in the whole game onto us. So we moved to Ba-whatever Bay and had a full party wipe to linking birds! Yay.

In three hours I made 4K XP, but that was thanks only to those XP rings. Cehra didn't have one and made 1.5K XP. In three hours.

I tried to play WoW a little after logging out of FFXI, but I can't do it. I don't want to see any game now. Thanks FFXI, I really love ya.

Edit: It strikes me that those XP rings are FFXI's version of WoW's rested XP... just a lesser form of it. Also one of the reasons I love WoW so much is that I can play it solo. While Draque, Ead, and Cehra rocked today, if I never, ever, ever have to party with another random idiot, it will be too soon. (But hey! Next week we'll have to do it again! Assuming we can even get one of them to party with us!)

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