December 31st, 2005


Naruto and FFXI *wiggles*

Eeee, one of the best Naruto eps ever was on tonight. Much love to CN for handling it really well! (The "Haku's past" one. All about his family and how he got where he did, how he met Zabuza, etc.) Some of the wording is different than what I remember from the subbed eps, but it actually worked better. Eeeeee! Love Zabuza/Haku so so so so so much. Their love is so canon. :D I'm ... not looking forward to the end of the arc though. If CN changes it I'll be really mad, but if they don't... I'm sniffling already. We'll just have to wait and see! :D

FFXI: Hit RDM40 tonight with an amazingly outstanding party. The guy who put it together (Knightmare) was careful to pick only high ranking people (except one idiot we were forced to take because no one else was seeking), and it really paid off. 37 -> 40 in one party and about 4-5 hours! Yay!

The one idiot was actually amusing (after the fact, at least).

- He claimed to be the best RDM on the server. That was the very first thing he said on /party. "im best 1 on the servr" is how he phrased it.
- He said he was going to party naked. "im ocming naked" is how he wrote it, to which I replied "Well, that'll be less messy if nothing else...".
- He asked what he was supposed to do in the party. People all replied at once "Your job". He then asked what that was.
- I split the RDM stuff between the two of us. We had no BLM, so we were going to MB as well. The one and only thing he did each fight was MB, he cast nothing else. He spent the entire fight sitting. (Yet when we called him on that, he claimed he was casting lots of stuff.)
- He didn't have the paralyze spell. Why? Because he was never in Sandy to buy it. When pointed out that he could get it at the AH, he said "lol never thar eithr".
- Because he (a taru) had more MP than me, he claimed I sucked as a RDM. Because he ended each fight at 100% MP and I used three-fourths of mine, he claimed that was proof he was the better RDM.

It ended up really funny: He said he was the best RDM and that we were lucky to have him, and if we said anything at all about how he played that he would leave. (Besides, there was three levels difference in the party! So his XP was gimped! He was on the edge of walking out anyway!) we told him exactly what he was doing wrong. And he left. And we all laughed and cheered. Heehee.

That party was good to end the day that way, because before that it was rough: 5 hours seeking, no invites. Then I get an invite and damned Comcast died. No net access for hours, so of course no place in that party. Grrr. Came back, put my flag up, and about an hour later got that invite!

My goal for the weekend (which includes Monday, since I'm off) is to hit 41, so I should be able to do that. Hopefully early tomorrow, then I can go get my AF weapon after that.

RDM is now my second highest job. That's kind of scary but highly cool as well. :D I know it's looking far ahead, but I wonder if I'll hit RDM75 before I hit DRK75? I feel like I should go back and finish DRK (I left it at 72), but I kind of want to finish RDM, too. Mostly I'm just dying to wear the AF though. I can't wait to see me in it! (Yeah, I'll look just like Yossy does, but still! It'll be me!)
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