January 5th, 2006


AF Keys and such: Plotting and Planning (FFXI only)

Since we're doing CoP mission foo both weekend days, I likely won't be hitting RDM 50 this weekend as I had planned to, but I printed out all my AF and maps and all that stuff anyway.

First off: Can you open a coffer while on a different job? So if I have RDM AF started, can I open the coffers as DRK? I hope so, that'd make life easier. (Though I suppose I'd rather lose XP as RDM than DRK. Plus the whole chainspell-warp thing. But DRK would likely get less aggro. Hmmm.)

I know Ead needs MNK AF for Dani and assumedly Merlee will need RDM AF (and will Mako want SAM AF? And Beanie wants WHM AF, yes?) so maybe we can do all these together. (Or maybe Merlee and Mako will go off and do their own thing and Ead and I will do this together and/or need help, but it might be nice to do this as a group. And where does Beanie fit in?)

(EDIT: Merlee had been big on her and I doing it together, but she's done the keys with Mako aleady, so no need to fit her into key planning.)

RDM AF requires:
* Nest Chest Key (Crawler's Nest. Why oh why have we stopped getting them during Escort?)
* Eldieme Coffer Key (*groan* After DRK AF there, I vowed never to go coffer hunting there again.)
* Garlaige Coffer Key (Baishing gates. Boo.)
* Oztroja Coffer Key (Yay, Castle Oz, the only non-annoying place of the group!)

AF3 is in two places, but we can deal with those later I guess.

Since we don't use the CTY site much anymore (or at least FI people don't) I'm not exactly sure the best way to pick a day where we might get help. I'd like to get this done in the next week or two if possible. Maybe sometime next week? Hmm, I bet we won't be able to get done in one night.

I'm free just about every night (other than this coming weekend). Dynamis is... Tuesdays and Saturdays, right? Are there any statics still going on? I guess if you can/want to help, leave a comment with good days and hopefully we can get a day that works?

Maybe FI needs a LJ comm for mass-communication...
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Adventures of a different sort (FFXI)

So, as usual, I got home from work and put my RDM flag up. As usual, there were 3-4 other RDMs seeking in my range level. As usual, no invites came in. I went out and soloed a bit (about 75 XP), and an invite came in.

Seeing how I really can't be picky, I accepted it without question. Switched to WHM, tele-altep'ed myself, ran to town, switched to RDM, bought a chocobo, went to join the "party". WAR/MNK, DRG, BLM, and me. A WAR/MNK tank would be a MP drain and there was no WHM, so... it didn't look so hot. The current members all sucked (no one over rank 3, "lol" was used as a form of punctuation, etc), so I told them to get a WHM or I wasn't interested. None were seeking, so a half-hour later I disbanded.

During that half-hour, the idiot BLM almost got killed many times. He kept trying to solo spiders in QSC himself. Idiot.

So I went back to Jeuno, went back to soloing, and got an invite. From the idiot BLM. Now they had a WHM! So begrudgingly I went through the process again, got back there... and now the WAR/MNK was gone. No tanks, none seeking. Disbanded and left.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Soloing, same idiot BLM invites me. Now they have a tank and a WHM! At this point I had been seeking for two hours with no other invites, so I accepted against my better judgment. Unfortunately we went to my least favorite place in the game: GC.

Idiot BLM zones in, runs up and hits a beetle (in a group of them) and of course they all link on his ass and he nearly dies. Zone out, zone in. Six people in the party, including a WHM, and I'm the only one who casts sneak/invisible on people. Including on the mages. WTF?

No one knows where to camp. People fall down random holes. Eventually we get to a camp. One fight: ~80 XP with band. Second fight: ~200 XP with band. Third fight: JP DRG gets out into the middle too far, aggros a beetle. I try to sleep it, but fail (my darned sleeps never stick). It beats me to half-life before I can re-sleep it. Failed again. Luckily the melees come running and hit it (while the bat was still alive) and get it off me. JP DRG goes running up the stairs, aggros more bats, dies. Beetle comes running back.

The floor was odd and the beetle kept running around a ramp to get to me, so I tried to use that to keep it busy while the party was getting killed by the bat. Someone voked the beetle and messed up that plan. One more person died and I start yelling for the idiot BLM to escape us.

He doesn't. He runs up the stairs into the pack of bats circling the dead DRG.

Sigh. One by one, we all died. My first RDM death.

The idiot BLM kept lol'ing and saying how much being dead sucked. Finally, after biting my tongue way too much, I replied to him. I have never, ever seen "reasoning" like this before. Party chat log: What a fucking idiot.

A nice BST and RDM raised half the party and left me to raise the other half. Problem was, two bodies were still under the bats. (The BST moved one bat, but it repopped or something once he left.) WHM HPed. JP DRG didn't respond. Idiot BLM asked if we wanted to keep the party together or not.

Get this: I actually decided to stick with the party. I hadn't gotten an invite all night, and I said to myself "What choice do I have? If I want XP, I need to put up with this."

Luckily the party disbanded anyway, and I warped back to Jeuno. But I decided something: A big, big part of why I wanted to play RDM was for easy, fast invites. To be able to say no to invites. To be able to leave a sucky party if I wanted. If I wanted to do "What choice do I have? If I want XP, I need to put up with this" sort of thinking, I could be leveling DRK!

At that point I decided to quit RDM. And hey, if I quit I wouldn't have to deal with the annoyance of doing AF! And man, every time I saw a DRK in AF I got sad inside because that wasn't me. So I switched jobs, subbed WHM, and went to spend time with Dani. (PLing her party was just an excuse, they didn't need me, but it was fun to spend time with her.)

I calmed down and decided I didn't want to totally quit RDM, but that I was over my "DRK burnout" (or whatever the heck it was). I want to play DRK again. I miss playing it. I smiled so much when I saw me in my armor. My big, sexy sword! My wonderful HQ armor! Clanking when I run! That's me!

So tomorrow I go back to seeking XP parties on DRK. I'm not giving up on RDM, I may go back to it in the future, but first I'm going to go back to my true love. :)

(Dani: I'll still happily help with your AF keys! But we don't need to deal with any for me right now.)
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