March 12th, 2006

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NPC-y day (FFXI)

Sundays are nice days. I have half the day free and do non-FFXI stuff, then Team Buffalo Soldiers goes out NPCing/farming. (Happy Des? Think of some other name for us! :P )

In the tactics pearl quest, we got to the third floor! Yay! Things got a little tricky up there and NIN Des had to very unselfishly go BOOM on a couple mobs. The NPCs made almost 2K XP that way.

After that we spent a couple hours buffalo farming/XPing NPCs. Got some hides (yay money), some kindred seals (*kisses them*), and some meat for Ead/Dani. I lost track of the NPCs, but they all leveled up at least once. Gunnar hit 57! Woo! (Also, I reached and passed the halfway point to 75! I think I may seek a party on DRK to hurry things along, but... I'm not totally sure. The idea of days spent seeking with no invites make me want to cut myself. So angsty!)

Before the tactic pearl questing/XPing I ran off to do the final limit break for my NPC. The story was sweet, but the food item you got as a gift (not to mention your title!) were sweeter:

The food gift you get surprised me, I thought it would be just some normal food item. Even though the image is small (just the item description box) I'll link it so as not to spoil anyone. I have no idea what to do with it, I wish I could display it in my bazaar! I don't want to eat it, but I don't really have room to hold onto it. :(

The limit break quest itself was annoying, but wouldn't be so bad if you have any sort of sense of direction. (I have none.) Luckily someone was killing the Ruby Quad, so I didn't have to sneak by it. (You had to tag the same ??? as you do in G3 for the Quad Crest).

So all in all a nice relaxing day!
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