April 26th, 2006

Pancakes - catbutter!

*shakes fist* (FFXI and RL)

Short FFXI: Darned job! The first besieged happened on Midgar, and of course I was at work. Grrrr. People who get to sit around and play all day are so lucky. :(

(Yes, yes, I know it will happen again, but I get to play in such a small window of time on weekdays; I have about a one in five chance of being around when one happens! Grrrr/sigh.)


RL: Man, my sleeping has gotten so funky. Went from being totally unable to sleep to being dead-to-the-world as soon as my head touches the pillow. For as long as I can remember (10? 15? years now) no matter what time I set my alarm to, I wake up a minute or two before that. Suddenly that's not happening anymore! Three days now my alarm has woken me up.

But here's the odd part: I've long since trained myself to get out of bed and stand up before turning my alarm off (to prevent turning it off and rolling over to go back to sleep). Every morning this week I've woken up standing up! So my alarm goes off, I leap out of bed with heart racing, and then I wake up. While that's not the most peaceful way of waking up in the morning, I'm just happy to be sleeping the night through!
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Zzzz (ffxi)

Quickie post.

Learned Head Butt (took 1.5 hours).
Learned Healing Breeze (took 2.5 hours).

Thought I might not get Healing Breeze tonight, because dhalmels were so hard to come by and it was late and I wanted dinner. ;; But Gura was with me for part of the time, so I had someone to chat with! And he killed things good!

Leveled from 13 to 14.

Tomorrow I'll learn Blood Drain and... hm. Have Cursed Sphere, Blastbomb, and Claw Cyclone left pre-20 after that. The most reasonable of them might be Blastbomb I guess, and since I'll be hitting KRT for bats/Blood Drain maybe I can go to the orc place and actually claim a mob and get Blastbomb... Or maybe just Blood Drain and concentrate on XPing for the rest of the night, since I didn't get to XP much tonight...

We'll see. Too tired to decide now.
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