May 19th, 2006


I'm stupid but happy zzz (ffxi)

Bonecrafting from 57 to 59, yay fun scorp farming with Aurian.

Then it was bedtime, but I checked /bmap before logging off, and there was a besieged preparing! There had been another one preparing while I was home for lunch from work, but I made myself go back to work instead of staying home, so I didn't want to miss this one tonight because I missed that one.

Two hour passed and they finally started moving! Now, an hour later, we beat them and won! Yay!

It was fun (level 5, less than 400 people in the zone), but I should have been in bed three hours ago. zzzzzz Going to be so tired tomorrow.

Only got 602 points, which surprised me. I didn't die at all. Only thing I can think that I did "wrong" was maybe sat for MP too much. (My reraise was dispelled, so recasting it took a big chunk of my MP. I eat cookies and drink juice the whole time to try to keep my sitting to a minimum.) I stunned, meleed, and used my spells (both bio/poison and the absorbs), so I'm not sure what I needed to improve. Maybe I should have been faster about switched off from mobs I was missing lots on. Guess that was probably it.

zzz Long since bedtime, have to be up in a couple hours. So insane. So happy. :)

Ha ha, my Windows clock says it's Friday already, which I guess it is. Silly clock.
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Sleepy Ken

I am dead. Kill me now. (RL)

Hour and a half of sleep last night.

Went to bed three hours late, but of course idiot me couldn't fall asleep right away. Hour later I was still awake.

Hour and a half after that, neighbors had a screaming-fight. A screaming-fight that lasted hours.

When they finally killed each other, the birds started in. &#&$&)&*@ birds at 4 AM in the morning. The "car alarm birds" (mocking birds, same birds that bug me every year at this time. They sing the same seven "songs" over and over nonstop). At that point I just dragged myself out of bed and stayed up.

Since I was up early, I logged on to FFXI to do some synthing. A Besieged was about to start. I said "Fuck this, I'm going to work" and logged out. Heh.

(ICly, FFXI PCs would get burnt out so fast. A Besieged at least once a day, sometimes three or more times in a day? Sheesh, poor people! Poor city!)
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Links! (RL)

Need a snicker on a Friday afternoon?

10 Things I Hate About Commandments - Summer movies crossed with that Ten Commandments movie. I've watched it twice and want to watch it again.

This icon amuses and disturbs the heck out of me. Found on a non-LJ message board. (Warning: Political humor, gross humor. Work safe.)

Still so very tired. Two more hours left of work. Almost fell asleep at lunchtime. zzz

Edit: Wow, this illusion is cool! But it makes my brain hurt.
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Sleepy Ken

Sleep sleepy (FFXI)

Had intended to go farming scorps tonight so I could get the last .8 to bonecrafting 60, but (surprise surprise) there was a Besieged getting ready. (I can't believe how frequent these are becoming. I wonder if people will eventually grow tired of them? Though we did have 750 people tonight.)

As the first wave was preparing, a second wave started... then the third. Soon we had all three level five waves queued up at the zoneline!

First wave was undead, which was hard, but I got the max 700 XP/IS! Yay! Second wave was somewhat easier and I knew I was headed for another 700... but then me and half the zone got crashed and couldn't get back on. I got back in time to get 111 points, but most people couldn't get on at all till the wave was over. :( I did the least fighting in the third wave, but I got 700 points again. So 700-111-700 isn't so bad for free XP/IS! Man the event lasted a long time though. I basically spent the whole night either waiting or fighting.

This screenshot is from yesterday, but it might as well have been from today: Fighting shoulder to shoulder with NPCs, including a General and a goblin!

Beanie lent me her hat to try on, and while it's cool looking, I like my o-hat better. (I think I like this one better than the demon skull hat I already own.)

Last and hardly least, Des is usually a NIN, so I guess he can be forgiven for his, um, "unique" way of playing DRG. ;)

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