June 27th, 2006


Mmm, tastes like subligar.

So there's this dungeon meme floating around LJ. I had a couple minutes to kill before a meeting, so I poked at it.

I wandered around the dungeon, and when I found a potion, I drank it...

You quaff the potion marked 'ABIONA'. It tastes like subligar pride.

*chokes and dies* Hee!

(Non-FFXI people: This is a subligar. Not all of them are white, but no matter the color they look wrong and awful on men.)

PS: southern_hell: I hate you. You keep killing me! You big meanie. ;;

Edit: You are walking through a muddy passage. You notice some graffiti about slash. Graffiti about slash. Hee! Only in my wildest dreams~!
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Cat flowers (For you!)

"lol" (FFXI)

Yay mostly LS XP party! So different than partying with random idiots! 4 LS people (me BRD, Nai NIN, Draque NIN, Dani WHM), 1 clueful random (SMN), 1 horrible random (DRK). Went from hardly into 20 to almost 24! Woo! We were killing so fast we kept the coast clean, from one end to the other. Luckily (surprisingly) we were the only party there, so we had plenty of mobs.

One of the most fun things about BRD: Running off to sleep the next kill before the party finished the one they were on! Heehee.

At first our DRK seemed like a nice guy (and I suppose he was, for a young kid), but was a horrible player. Lizard armor at 21 (with no upgrades on him as he leveled to 22 and 23). No foot or hand armor at all. Too much amusement over putting his crotch into faces (my face >< ) when people were resting. Luckily he was so bad we all couldn't stop laughing at him. He said things like "What would you all do without my damage?" (he was WSing for 0). "What would you do without me?", "I'm the best", etc. All seriously said. (The SMN was really funny. When the DRK asked 'What would you do without me?', without mising a beat the SMN replied 'Get a BLM to do damage and MB'. Heehee.)

There were a couple times I almost booted him from the party, but I have a soft spot for DRKs and never did. He kept asking if the female characters in the party were... how did he put it. Authentic female? Genuine female? One one hand it was funny, but on the other we don't need some random kid hitting on our female members. Especially after I told him to stop.

This was the last straw: He ran up and randomly hit a mob. He got one single warning before I would boot him: Me, "I'm serious. No 'lol'." Him, "lol" Me,"...don't lol." Him, "lol". I wish I could stab people for that sort of crap.

Luckily he was amazingly great entertainment, and we laughed on LS all night long. Poor Dani hurt herself laughing so much. :D

Oh, and a Besieged happened while we partied, and the Candysense was lost again. Bah.
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