July 14th, 2006

Fuwa tackled

The sweet scent of monkey love (FFXI)

An hour ago the subject line of this post would have been 'Sometimes I hate this game. A lot.' I spent the entire evening, more than 5 hours, just sitting in the Jungle, staring at three ???s, clicking them once per hour.

See, long long ago, the mithra of Kazham hated me, so I decided to do that quest to rid yourself of the bad scent from the flowers. Seemed like a smart thing to do, right? Well today I tried to start the opo-opo crown quest... which requires you to have that stink on you. ><

I googled and found that you could revisit the three flowers and click them once a game day. You'd have a not-very-good chance of it giving you the bad smell again. You had to get the scent from three flowers... see where this is going? People reported spending 8-9 hours trying to get their stink back.

I guess I got "lucky" that I got the stink back in five hours, but it still pisses me off to have had to put that much time into it.

But finally, it worked! I smelled! Yay! (What an odd thing to say!) Finally the opo-opo (non-players: monkeys) loved me and would accept my gifts! I handed out the first seven items! Yay for freeing up space! On Friday we're going to get skulls, then sometime after that the last item we need (the salt from QSC worms), and I have the final item (lucky egg), so yay! I'll have the crown!

I finished up just in time to catch a Besieged (trolls, uneventful, full reward). And now: Bedtime!
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