September 9th, 2006


Catching up! (FFXI)

Busy, busy day, but it felt like I made some progress instead of dashing around to just keep my head above water.

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I'm now up to 17 stacks of zegham carrots, so I really could stop growing things for a while (it's a pain, and not much is worth selling anymore). I like getting "free" stuff though. :/ Can you believe tokopekko wildgrass are now under 10K/stack, when they used to be 150/single?

In less planty news, static met today. Ding BRD 54! Yay! I got to put my ugly hat on, then promptly threw it into storage. The color actually matches my current armor a little, but still: Blech!

Ever thought you'd see one of these running around? Such mature names...

Came across a certain ram one evening! Too bad I was on WHM 38 with no armor/weapon. (Not that I need his horn, but a dead ram is a good ram!)

"Your chocobo regards you as its parent" -- ha ha, wonder why? I've been running around in that outfit a lot more lately, I sort of forgot that my apron and such actually looks good on! And I really like the hat, just haven't had a chance to wear it much in the last, um, year. :P

Chocobo chicks finally started growing up! Chick no longer, it's now a chocobo teen! Quite ugly, isn't it? But the best thing about them growing up: Now stats can change!

Yay substandard! Hey, at least it's better than the "poor" they've been forever!

Chocobo digging wasn't great (1 darksteel ore, 2 myth beastcoins), but hey, it was totally free today! I grew so many gysahl greens that I'm half-set for tomorrow as well.

Ding smithing 55.2! Yay! Kyofu are kind of a pain in the ass to skill on (I bought the iron sheets, but you need to make tin ingots -- buy all the ores slowly (guild vendor = built in delay), then craft it.) I tried desynthing them, but had no success as usual. After losing about 20, I vendored the rest. I might look for something easier to skill on. I want to get finished with smithing soon though, so that there's one less thing on my plate.
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