December 31st, 2006


It's New year's Eve and monsters are about to attack our city. Again. (FFXI, HP, RL)

FFXI: While I love Besieged, staying up until the middle of the night the last two nights (and late tonight too) just isn't working for me. I wonder if this is what HNM LSing feels like? Losing hours of sleep, waiting and waiting, for a short bit of excitement at the end. (Though HNMing you might not even get that excitement at the end.)

It's a holiday weekend, so you'd think I could sleep in, but my cat still wakes me up at 6 AM every day. (And once I'm awake, there's no going back to sleep. My brain doesn't work that way. I never nap, either.) So going to bed at 2 AM and getting up at 6 AM a couple days in a row = dead me. zzzzz

High point of the day: Got SAM to 23 in an insane yet somewhat okay random party. WHM talked in all caps for hours (three hours!) about her Marine boyfriend. She'd yell (all caps) Marine slogans/noises/etc as she cured people. Finally she brought the BF's character in as a PL... then spent all her MP curing him over and over. (He was barely 10 levels over us.) Two more levels until the LS static to take it to subjob level!

Low point of the day: I've been wanting to try the Goblin Archaeologist for months now, but the ??? always listed him as too far away. Finally tonight he was just barely under the ground, so I traded a stack of digging greens and got him! ...and then he got me. Resisted my stun and I ate a 1,400 frag bomb. One-shotted me. (Had been full HP at the point he dropped it, but didn't matter since that's more than I have.)


Harry Potter: For not being in the fandom anymore, I'm sure watching Goblet of Fire a heck of a lot. (Every couple days I see it; I watch it whenever HBO shows it.) I keep catching little things I missed in earlier viewings (watching while playing = missing a lot). So many things I love about it! Big scenes like the dragons, but smaller things, too:

* Filch dancing with his cat. My heart melts/breaks at the scene, because I totally see where he's coming from. He loves her so much! And if I had to go to a dance, I'd love to dance with my own kitty! But it's so sad that the kids hate him (though it's understandable). What's up with how oddly he ran in one scene though? Lifted his knees way high, for some reason.

* Cedric's father at the end of the movie, when he sees the body. The way he yells 'My boy! My boy!', it's just so realistic. The first couple times I saw it, my eyes actually got wet.

It's strange, but I actually kind of find myself looking forward to the next movies. Less so the book, but I'm sure I'll read it ASAP once it's out. I really wouldn't mind if I got pulled back into the fandom -- I felt bad seeing all the merry_smutmas stories posted and having no interest in reading any of them (though I did look at all the art). I really wouldn't mind getting re-hooked.


RL: I never make any resolutions (I don't see why I'd need a special day to make them), but in the very near future I need to make some big changes:

1) Get back on my diet.
2) Get back to exercising.
3) Get back to eating NO sugar ever.
4) Try that 'drink 8 glasses of water a day' thing.

I'll probably start with #4 and work backwards. Must stop being lazy and bad about food, nothing on-game is an excuse for not taking care of RL. Period. End of story.

Happy new year, all!
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