January 2nd, 2007


Busy night! (FFX)

Work was just horrible (one of the busiest days of the year and I was alone), so the last thing I wanted to do was to log on and do something we had next to zero experience at. Turns out, it was fun!

I wasn't the only person in our new Assault static who didn't want to do Assaults because we thought they'd be CoPish, but just the opposite! Reasonably challenging, not too long, and fun! (I had to laugh at how gun shy CoP missions have made us of game stuff.)

We did three instead of four, and while we only won one, that was more than I expected. (Most of us had never done an Assault before; we had almost no plans and only knew what to expect by reading web pages.)

Excavation Duty (kill all the walls!) was our first one, and we lost badly (ran out of time), but it was totally understandable. Not knowing the best way for our group, we tried killing the micemen for bombs. Ran out of time before we were halfway done.

But we knew we could beat it (we took down each wall in minutes, it was killing the mobs that ate our time), so we tried it again. NIN, NIN, SAM, SAM, WHM, BRD kicked butt! It was cake, we strolled through with plenty of time.

The last one was what many of us thought would be an easy one: Golden Salvage. None of us wanted to leech, but one of the SAMs has SMN 75, so we all sat at the end and waited for him to find the right chest (until we left to deal with aggro). Wouldn't you know it, it was in the very last chest checked? >< We lost, but if we had literally seconds more, we would have won. Maybe two seconds would have made the difference. (All I needed to do was turn and click on the ... end thingie. I didn't even have to take a step, just turn and click.)

Next week we're doing the Kill All Walls again (twice), then Kill All Worms (the one we skipped tonight to repeat Walls), and re-trying Golden Salvage. I'm really amazed that this is actually fun, and I can't wait to do it again!

After that we killed Nai's BLU AF3 mob (a mindflayer).

After that I traded in my 1,000 bronze coins for the silly turban. (Screenshots some other night.)

I was dead tired and it was late, but I still hadn't gone digging, so I decided to. Good thing I did! I went to Meri Mountains with the intent of vendoring everything that wasn't gold (didn't want to deal with muling, zzz), but I came back with a great haul! 6 gold beastcoins, 1 gold ore, 1 darksteel ore, 1 aluminum ore.

Zzzz now. Hopefully tomorrow at work will be better, but I seriously doubt it. :/