January 11th, 2007

Fuwa tackled


RL: Finally the day I've been dreading for weeks arrived: Time to go back to the dentist! Six months ago she decided at the next visit she really needed to remove one of my old fillings and replace it with a new one. (I had a bunch of cavities when I was a young kid, so the fillings are very old.) *twitch* She'd have to drill out the old one and replace it with a new one. *cry*

While it wasn't fun, it wasn't anywhere near so bad that I should have been worrying about it weeks ahead of time. I hope I remember that, because when I go back in six months I'm going to have to have another replaced. :P

Worst part is how much it hurts now, but I think it's only partially because of the tooth. I was so tensed and had to keep my mouth open for a whole hour, I think a muscle there kinked up or something. Whatever the reason, it's swollen and throbbing and hurts like heck tonight. Just opening my mouth to chew (or laugh) hurts. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be better.


FFXI: Remember when I made daily posts about the game? Don't know why I don't feel like it anymore. :/ Sometimes we do exciting stuff and sometimes it's just a normal day, but either way I haven't felt like writing about it in a long while. I really liked the daily posts; it's so much fun to go back and look at the old ones, in a year there won't be year-old ones to look back at! Maybe I'll do nightly posts and get back into the mood... I need to take more screenshots, too!

Tuesday was our Assault static! Yay! We were only able to do three runs, so we did Kill All Wall x2 and Kill All Worms x1. While the Worms zone was beautiful, I'd like to punch whoever decided that we need another Ordelle's Caves-like zone. (The stairs! My god, the stairs! If you're going to put stairs in a zone, make them work!) Even if there hadn't been stairs I'm not sure I would have liked the Worms one all that much -- we were moving and running around so fast I couldn't keep songs up on people. :/ Between that and not being able to get into position (*throws himself at stairs, gets no where*) I felt like I was useless for anything other than sleeping the worms. We rocked the Walls one as usual; it's so cool to end with 5-10 minutes left. :D (And we beat the Worms one, too. Three wins, yay!)

Soon I'm going to ask static-folks to give me a list of what items they want from where. I have some ideas on how to organize that on a spreadsheet. Not yet though, I think we need a couple more ranks before we start thinking about farming?

Other than that, I'm sort of, a little, sometimes working on XPing SMN and BST. I got SAM to 25 and waiting there for our subjob static to start. BRD (71) won't ding this week. Need two more levels on WAR, but I'm mostly working on that with XP scrolls.

Exciting, huh? :P