January 14th, 2007


Mitts and gold and Bastok, oh my! (Death Note and FFX)

Darned three hours of downtime were a big pain, but at least I got to see the second half of the Death Note live action movie! The last few minutes were the best, they left me grinning long after the movie ended. They summed up what I love so much about the series: Two seriously smart guys in a game of chess, no good guy and no bad guy, yet both think they're the good guy. Such a great story. :D Just when you think you have it figured out: Another twist!


FFXI: Once the servers came up, we hurried off to our Carby Mitts run! Six LS folks needed them, me included, and we all got them! Yay!

After that we did some Bastok missions for folks. It ran a bit longer than we had hoped, but they're all advancing and soon people will be able to get the hell out of Bastok. :D Always a worthy cause!

I spent much of the rest of the night working on skilling gold on Chaser. She's up to 20! I was hoping 18 was when you could start guild turn-ins, but it's 28. Bah. Want to have her working on guild points as early as possible so she can get the glasses and apron as soon as they become available to her.

Monday is Eco/Escort and Tuesday is Assault static, so likely no more gold skilling till Wednesday.

To do: Buy new pants for BRD 72 before Saturday. Get Chaser to Jeuno to buy airship pass. Get Chaser to Selbina to feed the sheep until they explode and shower her in fame. She SO needs a bigger gobbiebag! Also want to buy a Bastok aketon for her, as well as a mess of bookshelves for fire moghancements in her home.

Screenshots one night soon! It's late again!
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