January 15th, 2007

Kittens cannot fly

Guess what! It's late! Surprise! (FFXI)

I need more hours in a day or I need to quit my job. I just can't get everything done in the time I have. c.c I boggle at how utterly different the game must be for people who can play 24/7. Need something done? Can just do it! Not have to put things off for days and days because of lack of time.

Still haven't run mule to Jeuno. Still haven't ran her to Selbina to up her fame. Still haven't bought aketon. Still haven't bought bookshelves to give her fire moghancement.

Have done: Gold -> 28. Important because woo, opened guild contract, did first turn-in.

Done on Thistle: Eco and Escort. About 1.5K XP on WAR. Should hit WAR 36 next week, if scrolls are nice to me. Imagine, in a month or two WAR will actually be a respectable subjob! Only more than a year after I hit DRK 75! 9.9

I suppose once I get my mule to Jeuno and buy her an airpass she'll start raising a bird too. While I really don't need more things added to my daily to do list, two Hot and Cold games per day might bring in profit. :/

Bah. zzzz Screenshots at some later date! Tomorrow night is busy busy (assault static) but Wednesday is my first night "off" on the game, so maybe then.

Edit: I saw the latest Death Note ep this morning, and I'm still grinning over it! People on my flist: Check it out if you haven't already! It's on youtube.com! Go! Watch! Love!
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