January 17th, 2007


Like I said: Each night later than the last! :P (FFXI)

A Besieged is building (finally, yay!) so I won't be heading off to bed for a while.

Accomplished tonight:
- Spent an hour and a half feeding corn to sheep. Doing so got Chaser to be a hero in Jeuno. Jeuno people are strange.
- Got all of the gobbiebags done on her other than the last one, missing one item from it. 55 spaces rocks when you need to do ores -> ingots!
- No gold skilling (bah), but made a mess of ingots. Will skill tomorrow!
- Got Chaser her aketon.

Somehow between those things and my usual daily stuff, I didn't finish until just now. *rushrush*

Over the last two days I've spent over a million gil on Chaser, not counting any skilling. Scary! She better start earning her keep soon~! :E

Eventually I want to get Chaser into the new areas to get a locker, but that's more of a long term plan. I may or may not get her to 20 first so she can ride a chocobo. I don't (don't don't don't) want to level her, but a chocobo would be really handy.

I should make a Chaser icon, with as much as I'm talking about her. :P Really is nice to have something to do though, something to keep me busy, something to accomplish.
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