January 19th, 2007


Fast post, zzzz (FFXI)

I changed my default LJ icon. I used the last one for almost a year and a half, which is the record by far. Usually they last only a couple months. This was actually my first default icon on LJ! She makes me smile~! (PokeMUSH people: "Wizardmon: Something! Something! What is the something?"! And I giggled muchly scanning the old logs for some 'random' quote to stick in here.)

Anyway, zzzz. Chaser crafted before work, over my lunchtime, and all evening tonight. Gold from 30 to 42. Most of that was mythril ore to ingots though, so it's fast. Unlimited supply of raw materials available at any time ftw! Fast but expensive; between all the silver ore and the mythril ore she spent about 1.5M today alone. :/ I'm also almost totally out of fire crystals (as is most of the server -- WTF?), so I'll be slowing down a lot.

And on Thistle: Ketra sent me a signed Chocobo Jack Coat! Yay! It's one of the few things that actually looks good on my model!

Tomorrow BRD will hit 72. Don't know what else will be happening over the weekend yet.

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