January 21st, 2007


Titles are hard (FFXI)

On the Chaser front:
- 3 levels of gold = gold 45! Yay! I'm impatient to get to 60 because right now this is all a repeat of what I did on Thistle. Want to strike out into new lands!
- Leveled MNK to 8 (ha ha), finally hit 1K CP so I can get an XP band! Very boring, but don't have too too far to go. WAR to 10, MNK to 20, end of XPing. (For serious! Even if punching things is kind of fun and I did sort of want to level MNK on Thistle. c.c )

On the Thistle front:
- I spoke too soon! Ha ha. Just the other day I said 'I never had Death cast on me', then today at Besieged? Hi Thistle! Have some Death! I stunned it in time and even took a screenshot, but lag (?) made nothing show up but the blue text background, no words at all.
- I got to be a warm body on an Golden Salvage run, which let me rank up to PFC! Yay! Plus, no matter how hard I tried to pass, they let me have the good earring from the ??? earring. Storm loop: +a kazillion MP, -a whole lot enm!
- Did a little (totally unsuccessful) farming but ran into a NM! Juggler Hecatomb! He had about 475397541503750 HP so the fight took a long time (at first I was worried I jumped a wandering AF mob by mistake), but I beat him in the end! No drop, but that's no big deal. I never saw a weapons mob with more than one weapon over his head. I guess that's where he got his name!

Chaser's gold leveling really should be put on a short hold. I seriously need to get her moghancement over to fire (shoo commodes! Shoo!), plus I'd like to recover some money. Funny/odd thing is: I can't remember how to make money. c.c I've not done it in a year or more, other than doing sheep hides -> sheep leather. Digging brought in enough cash to keep me going when I wasn't spending much of anything, but now? Especially with saving gold and plat ores from digging for Chaser to skill on? It's very very odd to suddenly be in a position to need to try to make money. (Though... hmm. I have ideas! Ha ha!)

Tomorrow is Eco and Escort, Tuesday is Assault static, so nothing big and new until Wednesday!

(Assault static people: The post is below this one.)
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