January 27th, 2007


Somewhat better day (FFX)

When I was finishing leathercrafting on Thistle, I had said that goldsmithing 50-60 was harder than leather 90-100. That was no joke, not by a long shot. I'd go so far as to say that gold 50-60 is many many many times harder than leather 90-100.

13 hours, a million or so gil, and I clawed my way from gold 54 to 57 today. The most insane part of this is, as hard as it is, this is my second time doing it. I must smoke crack, seriously.

The synthing was just so rough today: Buy/make 300K worth of metal: 0 skill ups. Another 300K: .1 total. 500K of materials: 0 skill ups. (52-56 is a really rough stretch, no good items and far under cap.)

There was no BRD static today, so all I did was synthing. Synthing for skill or making the items I needed to skill. The only "break" was doing some leather synths for profit.

I've spent about 6 million on Chaser thus far, that includes everything from her Jeuno airship pass (500K) to all of her gobbiebag expansions to a kazillion book shelves for her moghouse (so expensive, and she still needs a few more) to all her skilling.

Luckily things will get somewhat easier once I hit 60 (or so I'm told). I should be able to make a profit (assuming I don't break too much). Plus I'll slow down and do more mining, or at least I think I will.

Also, one of my favorite animated movies was on today (Prince of Egypt), which brightened my day quite a bit.

Tomorrow: A little more skilling, but hopefully not like today. I said my goal for the weekend was 'at or near gold 60', and 58 counts as near in my book. So if I can get at least one more level, I'll be ... well, not happy but not kicking myself either. 60 would be nicer, but I'm not going to kill myself to get it.
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