January 28th, 2007


How's the weekend over already? (FFXI)

I'm so not ready to go back to work tomorrow... *clutches desk* Don't make me go!

Goldsmith skilling went somewhat better. Hit 60! Yay! I've never seen anything even close to this before:

That was my first .3 skillup ever in goldsmithing, and at that level!

I'd so love to quit gold now and use it as a subcraft, but I'm not going to. I just hope I don't go broke too soon. Between yesterday and today I spent 1.5 million, and I'm coming scarily close to half my total money gone. (That number would be way higher if I hadn't had 20-something plat ores saved from digging. Roughly 400,000g higher!)

Know how I said starting 60 I'd be making profit? In theory that's true: If I sold all the plat ingots I made today I'd recover a good deal of money, but then what? The problem is, I'll need them for skilling further down the line...

Much <3 to Draque for synthing many many items I used towards skilling today~! *snugs and smooches*

In other news: Can you believe there's ever a good time for a BST to charm a worm? There is! Four worms kept spawning together, so I'd charm one and make it fight a second, then our party would split (PLD + DD, NIN + DD) and fight the other two! It was lots of fun, especially since I can't have real pets yet.

And lastly we made a visit to that unspellable PvP area. Desant and Nairua wanted to fight it out and see who would come out on top: NIN 60 or BLU 60 (no subjobs). Lots of casting! Turns out Des won both times. /cheer Des, /comfort Nai

They seriously, seriously nerfed BRD in PvP. Lullaby was 100% useless (against Des, oddly it worked on Dani the WHM). It stuck, but it would do that "message showing it wears happens before message showing it stuck" thing every time. No DoT up, but it acted like there was. We tried it many times, same results. Mostly I was pretty useless: Not enough MP to be a good solo support person (we were doing WHM + NIN vs BRD + BLU), and as a DD it was a joke (NIN vs BRD was just painful to watch). The fights were fun, at least. (And oh yeah: Must Fix Macros Tomorrow! Someone remind me! Or they'll be all messed up for Assault.)

So not ready for work tomorrow. Ugh.
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