January 29th, 2007


Welcome to the eleven o'clock news, with your anchor: Thistle-Chaser (FFXI)

Positive: At least my money issues aren't RL.
Negative: I'm obsessing over money on-game.

I've officially hit the half-way point of my cash, and I now have less money than I've had in a year and a half (since I got my Hauberk for 11M). Even though I know I still have more money than other people (sorry Nai) it's scaring me how much I'm spending.

I've started doing something that I always felt no one should ever do: I'm selling off my armor to make cash. I'm also going to turn my IS into coins and sell those. I've always believed that one should hold onto armor, CP, IS, etc as sort of "money in the bank" in case of emergencies, so it's making me twitch that I'm breaking into that stock. :/

So much more hate for CoP. I'm sitting on a ton of capped DRK armor and weapons that I don't want to sell because I'll need them when we restart missions. Whoever thought level caps (so many different ones!) were a good idea should be fired. ><

Unfortunately (no news to anyone) my armor has gone down majorly in value. I want to sell my scorp harness. I bought it for 3.5M. It's now selling for 900K. The Haubergeon I got for 4.5M? Down to 1.2M. (Though I might hold the hauby, since if I stick with BST I'd use it. If Dani and Des continue on past subjob levels I might stick with them -- if they want me! BRD will be finished soon (soon, ha!) so I'll have room for another static.)

In very related money-news: Chaser hit goldsmithing 61! Yay! That's going to mark the end of her platinum skilling, which should slow my bleeding of gil. (I am sitting on almost 3 stacks of plat ingots though, which should help later.)

I got very lucky today: I had been stalking a bone crafter who was slowly leaking bone patas onto the AH (I need them to make a different item to skill on). I finally successfully cornered him and he made me 20! Yay! That's the only reason I got the level today. :D It was nice that he could skill on making them, then sell them to me so I could skill with them. (Note to self: Must stalk and corner Draque in the near future! Hunt him down and pounce him and snuggle him until he begs for mercy and synths me more patas~ ;) Or ask him nicely! One of the two!)

In depressing news: I have the most god awful luck with Escort XP scrolls. Tonight I got 2 XP above the minimum. In the last 2-3 months, I've gotten over 800 twice (cap is 1500? 1499? whichever). Wish my luck would change.

And that's the news!

Edit: Arg! My BRD macros are still messed up from Sunday! I must fix them before Assaults tomorrow night! Arg! Eek! Ack! And other such noises!
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