January 31st, 2007

Hammer time

Synth, synth, synth (FFXI)

Looking at it positive: Goldsmithing 62! Yay!
Looking at it negative: Only got .5 skillup total, for ~35 of one synth and 6 plat synths (300K).

While skilling on platinum means it costs me 50K per synth, I decided I really should go that route. 1) I'm going to need plat ingots later, so why not make them now and maybe get skill? 2) Skillups on hydro patas aren't very good.

Draque <3 made me 20 bone patas tonight, and my random bonecraft skilling friend made me another 15, so I had 35 synths to do! Lots of chances for skillups! ...but I got only 3 .1s. ><

Plat? I did 6 synths and got 2 .1s.

Plat ingots cap at 64 though, so after that I'll have little choice.

I spent an hour or two combing through somepage, but right now there are just no reasonable choices.

To wrap up on a high note: Chaser is just 10K GP away from getting her shades! Yay!
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