February 15th, 2007


Exploring our superior privates (FFXI assault static)

(Joke in subject line was shamelessly stolen from Nyiri.)

Unless Nil grabs Meyoh and gets his mission done on his own, we'll repeat last week's plan for this week: One new Assault, then we'll go off to get Nil caught up on ToaU mission. Once that's done, we can look at doing the fight we all need! Maybe we'll get caught up on ToAU missions before the new ones are released~!

New Assaults are now open to us! Most of these are no longer easy to sum up in one sentence, so click the link for more info.

Escort Professor Clavauert: Protect the NPC from the undead. Looks a little tricky and we'd have to rely on Draque/Carby a lot.

Sagelord Elimination: Killing a NM, with a twist. (Would probably want D to come as SMN for this one?)

Troll Fugitives: Kill all the broken trolls! Yay!

Saving Private Ryaaf: Lots of killing and NPC finding (see link for 'trick' to winning). (Edit: See first comment left.)

Extermination: Kill all the... various mobs! (Probably want someone to come /RNG for widescan.)

The first repeat we need, let's do Requiem again. Not only is it in the place the most of us need something from, it'll be a new one for Draque.

Are there any we don't want to do? It's fine! We've skipped some before! (Unless you are in the assault static, please do not vote in this poll.)

Poll #927984 Which (if any) Assaults do you NOT want to do?

Blech! Let's skip...

Escort Professor Clavauert
Sagelord Elimination
Troll Fugitives
Saving Private Ryaaf
Men hugging

Dove commercials and FFXI

I love Dove. I should go out and buy some of their soap just because they make such nice commercials. First they did that one which showed the woman going from normal to billboard, and now Pro-Aging. It's not as amazing as the first one, but it's really well done and makes me sad; what I'd give to see women like that in a TV commercial! They're all so pretty in normal ways. (I love the long earring/hair combo on that one woman!)


FFXI: Chaser hit gold 70! Yay! There's a "reasonable" (for gold) synth that's gold 80, so I actually started it at 69. Her shades made her 70 plus advanced support = do-able but not easy. It takes "only" one gold ingot (and a shield I can make for under 10K, plus a couple other little things), so it's actually pretty nice. A stack of gold ingots goes for about 330K, and it took me 3 stacks for one full level on these. It'll probably take less once I level a bit more.

Alas, I had to start doing turn ins on Thistle. I have the sheeting key item on Chaser, but I need it on Thistle as well. :/ (The shield she needs requires 2 iron sheets. She can't make them because her smithing is 0.) So yay, doing guild turn in on two characters at once. achika_soladia mentioned people paying BRDs to join their party, and tonight I actually considered that as a way to make money. :P So very broke!

I finally edited my backlog of screenshots! Here we go~

SPOILER: From the cutscene for raking up to SP in Assaults. OMG, the owner of that hoofprint is so cool! I saw that in screenshots from the modelviewer, but only the CS really did it justice! So cool!

Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha -- the NM Des found and we all killed last night. We got all the drops, and I got the axe! Yay! I wish I had gotten a better screenshot, but it was a BRD and I was trying to keep out of the AoE range.

An odd bug hit me one Besieged: Black trolls! They were all like that, then suddenly for no reason they all changed back to normal colored.

A while back I killed Falcatus Aranei. I didn't get his drop, but belatedly noticed it was rare/ex so I wouldn't have been able to sell it anyway.

For Nai~! Heehee, don't kill me! I'm showing it to you totally OOCly. ;) (Mmm, looks so nice though!)

Erm. Maybe also for Nai? What the heck is going on with his crotch? You stuffing that, dude?

Tiny little screenshot: I know it's totally OOC, but I love the RSE dat swaps! It's so cool! All the black! And sneakers! Don't ask me why, but I love seeing sneakers around in the game (usually OOC stuff annoys the heck out of me).

And on the subject of dat swaps: I'd love to wear this RL! The screenshot came out a little rough for some reason, but in game it looks like it would be made of a blanket-like material, all warm and soft and snuggly. It makes me smile to see it on me, because I bet it must be one of those things that you just love to wear because they're so warm and comfortable.

And lastly, from this morning: I couldn't decide which was funnier, his name or his typing:
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