April 18th, 2007


To expand on last night's post... (FFXI, non-Besieged)

In non-Besieged news, I did SMN 11 to 12 last night. A small part of me decided to go to the Dunes early because soloing is just so darned slow and boring, but man. A situation where the Dunes is the better option? The majority of me is really close to just giving up on SMN. The job is okay, no better or worse than most other jobs, it's just that XPing is killing me. So boring. Engage a mob, kill it, repeat a few hundred times. Level up. Repeat! Maybe partying would be somewhat more interesting... or at least make me level faster if we had a PL. (And yes, I dislike how I've gone from anti-PL to 'oh I hope we have one!'.) The only thing that keeps me from quitting is that we're trying to find a workable way to do the Shooting down the Baron assault. Perhaps /SMN might work for tracking the imp.

In other rough news, I spent 1.5 million on materials for Chaser to skill on. A million in gold ingots (4 stacks) and 500K in other stuff (iron ingots, wood). Unfortunately I'm going to need a bunch more iron because I broke so darned much of the stuff last night (only 20 levels over cap! 9.9). Half the purchased materials gone and she got .7 skillup, bringing her to 74. If I could squeeze out a full level from the remaining stuff I'd be happy. Sort of.

It took me months and months to earn that money, and it'll be gone in two days, leaving Chaser so very little closer to being done. Assuming GSing will continue to cost about a million a level (very unlikely, it'll only get worse), that's 26 million more to get her to 100. So daunting.

On one hand, the economy is only getting worse and worse, so the raw materials to skill will keep falling in price. On the other, the profit she'll make will also be falling. How long will it take her to get to 100? Years? Will she ever make it? Am I just throwing good money after bad? (Also, as the cost of materials keeps falling, it will be easier for other people to get to gold 100, too.)

Bah. I really can't decide. If I stop leveling goldsmithing now, that means I wasted about 20 million for nothing. If I continue to skill it, I'll just be bleeding more money into it. Say it takes 46 million total to go from 1 to 100 (20 already spent, rough guess of 26 more), will I ever have a chance in hell of making 46 million in profit at level 100? With more and more people hitting GS 100 every single day?

On the other hand, there's something a little satisfying in skilling. (It'd be a lot satisfying if it didn't cost so very much.) Plus what else would I do with my time/gil? (Though I feel a tad guilty I didn't spend it on HQ staves for BRD instead...)

So while I strongly suspect it's the wrong decision, I suppose I'll keep plugging away at it. Keep chocobo digging and doing whatever else I can for profit, and do a little skilling when I make enough money to cover it. I just wish that didn't feel so strongly like the wrong thing to do. I guess it's a lose-lose situation though: Lose the initial money or keep throwing good after bad.

Such a cheery post!
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Skilling, like Christmas... (FFXI)

...should come but once a year. Great moon, perfect day for synthing. I had the materials for 30 synths. Getting 10 .1s in 30 synths should be do-able, especially on a great moon/day combo.

30 synths... .6 gotten. >< Tossed 300K more into the skillup pot, got .2 more. Tossed another 200K in and got the last .2. Yay gold 75! Boo having dipped below my 'bare minimum' amount of gil I ever want to have on hand.

So it ended up costing almost exactly 2 million for not even two levels. 1.7 to be exact. Very depressing.

However, if I'm willing to go very very slowly, I might be able to do 75 -> 78 reasonably/free. I'm not sure if it's practical though.

Morion Earring: gold earring + Morion Tathlum.

Assuming I could farm the Morion Tathlum, and I got my gold through digging, I could do this for "free". The question is, what sort of drop rate does the worm have? Has anyone camped/farmed it?

On the other hand, it only costs 15K at the AH. If the drop rate is awful, I could better spend my time doing something else to make that money and then buying them...

Nothing else really to write about tonight. Spent all night working towards skilling. (The item she was making required Thistle to do two pre-synths, then mule 30+ items off to her to make the finished product.) I had meant to deal with getting Thistle prepped for SMN foo, but I never got around to it. Tomorrow!
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