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July 30th, 2007

Tonight was one of those 'everything that could go wrong...' nights. Monday is Eco and Escort static, plus a Besieged if we're lucky.

Eco, for the first time in years of doing it, was rough. Darkday, so undead were more uppity than usual, but that doesn't explain every single scorp being out of position and in our way. Bunches of people had to 2 hour, but luckily no one died. Felt like it took twice as long as usual, but I'm not sure if it really did or not.

Escort static was sad. We're a 5 person static. One was sick (*pats D*), one just didn't log on, and one was online but chose to do something else on-game. That left two of us. :/ Luckily we were able to grab some bored LS random people, so at least we got it done.

Besieged: Undead, level 7, started with 200 in the zone. NA primetime = Damned idiots. General after general died, but hey, Medusa got down 10%! I was cursing people under my breath the whole time.

Eco XP scroll was good (970-something), Escort okay (940-something), together nearly 2K on RNG! Yay! It's about 500 to 36, almost done!

The last, most annoying thing was having a bunch of beads returned. About 12K total lost AH fees. Blargh.

On the other side of the lost-fee coin, at least I realized the easiest way to make money: Stop skilling GSing! :P Three beads sold, so instead of buying new ores I sent Thistle the money. Ta da! Easiest 300K ever made! (Yeah yeah, not really profit since I paid 100K for each ore, but it feels like I made the cash!)

Sadly XP static is off for tomorrow. No clue what I'm going to do instead.

Edit: And Japanese gameshows sure can be strange...

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