August 9th, 2007


Productive day! (FFXI)

First, while getting my screenshots ready for tonight, I spotted this. One year ago today:

c.c Today? NQ is 330K, HQ is 1M. Bah.

Anyway, on to the productive day! Assault static met, and yay I got my BRD body armor!

It looks, um, interesting on me (so long as I don't wear my hat, with the walahra turban it looks horrible). I really need to find some new pants to wear with them...

The larger part of today (and all of yesterday) was spent dealing with my mule. I decided to get Fishingbot a locker, but he's a Sandy mule. To do the Wildcat quest (for ToAU warping for locker upgrading) you need to be rank 2 (need access to the castle). Bah! So I leveled him. Level 10 and rank 2! It was surprisingly challenging to do it solo, no subjob and next to no money. Killed orcs for the axe, killed bats for hours for those stupid scales, then soloed the Save the Children BC. Ding rank 2! Now I just need to get the access items with Nai this weekend~. <3

Fishingbot has toes! You can't see them too well in that shot, but it was fun spotting that he has them! Toes for all!

So happy tomorrow is Friday. Work is kicking my butt, I'm sleeping really badly (what the hell is up with 4-5 nightmares per night?! Every night this week...), and I'm just really really tired. Need some time off. zzzzz
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