August 12th, 2007


Most productive day on FFXI ever? (FFXI)

It's kind of ironic: I was feeling awful because yesterday I did nothing but watch TV. I was logged in on-game from morning until night, but I literally did nothing. Today made up for it, in spades! I did so many big things today that by the end of the day I had totally forgot about the morning's accomplishments! It's only when I went to edit screenshots that I went 'Oh yeah...'. Heehee. In order of them happening:

Smallest thing happened first: Hi, Leaping Lizzy! I never camp her, just snag her when I spot her while riding by. 0/3 on her boots, but as I have leaping boots it really doesn't matter, I just like killing her. :)

A Besieged was building, but I jumped over to Chaser to do her guild turnin first.

150K GP! Yay! All she needs is 3 more gold levels then she can get her Fool's Gold! Yay!

After Besieged we scurried off to fight Fenrir again.

Woo! The puppy is mine! But I wouldn't have time to summon him and check him out until much later...

A LS we sometimes work with was doing a Divine Might run, and so a couple of us went with them. I was really nervous excited, as usually I spend days before big events worrying and fretting planning and making sure I'm ready. One of the biggest things I've done, happening at the drop of a hat! Eek!

Plus, you know, the whole 'being in Sky' thing. Sky is scary! Even just getting to Sky is scary! Hopefully I won't have to ever go back again soon. :P

At first it didn't look like we'd be able to beat the BC. Our first try was just... not good. I think we got two killed before we got kicked out? But the second time we did a better order and it worked out! (First time we did the elvaan first, second time we did galka and then mithra.) Plus I think the pulls were cleaner the second time (the first time we ended up with four of them on top of us at once).

The fights were really really really exciting! And I was actually pleased at how I did (usually I think I suck and I kick myself muchly afterwards). I got the killing blow on one of them, and did good damage overall. But most exciting was that I tanked the elvaan chick for what felt like forever! But was at least a good long while. :P I got lucky and was able to keep shadows up a lot, plus against non-undead mobs DRK has a number of ways to keep itself on its feet. It was so much fun. :)

Usually I hate dying more than anything, but somehow that was part of the fun. I died 8? 9? times, thousands of XP lost, but still: I was grinning for hours after!

Unfortunately I took almost no screenshots mid-battle (was way way way too busy), but I got some good ones from the CSs!
Smirky mithra! But she wasn't smirky for long:

Ha ha ha, Miss Pretty Elvaan Lady, how'd you like being tanked by a DRK~?

All of them together. Such sexy, sexy armor!

One battle scene -- I just took a couple right at the end, when it was pretty clear we were going to win. :)

And it ended with:
It's just so amazing that I got this fight done. :) It was one of those things I was sure I would never accomplish in the game. :) Heehee, I'm still grinning that we actually did it. :)

And as if that wasn't enough! Nyiri invited folks out to skill up, so I grabbed 35 stacks of bolts and headed out to join her!

Blast Shot is so amazingly sexy when done by a hume with a gun. I just wish Corsair got the WS, as I'll never do it in-game otherwise. :/ But if you have a modelviewer, check it out! It's so so so yummy. (And anyone need 25 stacks of bolts? :P )

Ended skilling with capped marksmanship! Woo! That's all I can do for COR is cap it on DRK. :)

Caps at 200, but have merits and +5 skill from the gun belt.

And last but not least *pantpant* hours later I got to actually call my own Fenrir!
Yay purple puppy! Mine, all mine! If I ever go back to leveling SMN (ha, unlikely) I'll be all set. Or soloing! Or riding him around like a pony!

Such a good day! :)
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