August 14th, 2007

FFXI: Chaser GS


RL: No happy mediums for me! I ate enough protein to last me for a week. :P Egg sandwich for breakfast (blech, I really really dislike eggs, hate the texture), pizza for lunch, and fake chicken patty with cheese for dinner. zzzz Feel like a blob now -- I think I felt better last night! :P Tomorrow we work on moderation!

FFXI: Took Chaser from gold 85 to 88 tonight. And pardon my language, but: Fuck beads. Seriously. Fuck them sideways. I hope I never see another again. In the last five days on Midgar, ZERO ice beads sold. Not just sold by me, by anyone. And I have 20 of them to sell. 20 beads, 110,000g each. So much damned gil tied up in them...

I didn't skill on a single bead tonight, and while I lost a good amount of money, I don't care. Beads are not worth it. Can't wait for these darned ones to sell, not just to recover my money but so they can stop clogging up my AH slots and bleeding 1,500g each time I have to relist each one. I swear, stupid beads. *stabs them*

So when Chaser hit 88 I ranked her up and got her fool's gold! Unfortunately it doesn't look very nice at all. Dull, no sparkle, no details... Thistle's Golden Fleece is much nicer.

And best of all, as if the game knew how broke skilling made me, things on the AH finally sold! TWO ice beads! Finally broke the drought! And a 150K stack of philosopher's stones and 60K stack of wyvern scale, all in a 20 minute period! That covers two of the many stacks of gold ingots I bought. :P

Tomorrow I must return to farming. No more slacking, I need to go back to making money!
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