August 19th, 2007


Weekend (RL, FFXI)

It's been 4? 5? years since I last moved, so it's surprising and annoying when I only just now find things missing. I'm rereading rathacat's Named series of books, but I can't find the third one, Ratha and Thistle-Chaser. I know I own it, I own them all, I just can't find it. I even pulled out the last six boxes that never got unpacked (most are full of videotapes. Videotapes! It's been years since I owned a VCR and I have six boxes of tapes!), but no luck.

As this isn't the first time I lost a book, I'm wondering if a whole box got lost somewhere. When I was rereading Stephen King's Dark Tower series, I couldn't find my least favorite book, Song of Susannah, so I had to re-buy it. (How annoying that I had to twice buy the book I liked the least!)

It's not paying the money again that bothers me (I'll get one of the nice new covers! Yay!) it's that I finished the second book last night, now will have to wait until the third arrives to continue. Oh well, at least I have an Amazon coupon that needs to be used up in August! (Edit: Aww, the new covers are on the paperback versions, which aren't available until mid-October. Going to look for a used copy so I can get it now, I think. Maybe.)

In non-book news, I went off to the farmer's market this morning. It was the first time I really didn't enjoy myself. Last night I got no sleep, no exaggeration: no sleep, zero, no hours. I just couldn't fall asleep, so today all I had wanted to do was sit in my chair like a lump. Had to go though, needed to pick up a couple things to send off to someone.


FFXI: Half of my depression with the 'no sleep' thing was that two Besiegeds happened overnight. Since I wasn't sleeping anyway, I could have gotten up and caught them. I try not to do that though (get out of bed and play if I can't sleep), as it would encourage me to keep doing that. (A Besieged is coming! Oh my, I guess I can't sleep so I'll stay up!) Wish I had caught them though, would have been 2K more XP.

Did nothing in game all weekend, other than my usual daily work. Chocobo digging, H&C. Caught one Besieged yesterday. That's the whole of my weekend. (Saturday was fine with doing nothing all day though, RPed! Yay! RP > game~!)

From a Besieged on Thursday? Friday? Yay dead Medusa! I believe that's the first time she was killed on Midgar. We got 400 extra XP for it, which is really nice. (400 bonus on 1K!) The screenshot is a little photoshopped in that I took the text log from a second later and put it on that one. (Seeing a dead Medusa at a distance wasn't interesting at all, that image is better and was maybe 5 seconds before she died.)

And from our XP static this week: Having a PUP in your party is useful when XPing on gobs! Heh heh heh, those bombs don't scare me! Nice puppet, you just stay right there! :E

COR is 45 now. 50 is going to bring so much new stuff. AF! Real bullets! Finally new (non-AF) armor! New ability (Random Deal)! 60 will be big, too. Finish of AF (hat hat hat!), finally get Barrage from /RNG (eee!), and will finally get a new gun (I'll be using my Darksteel Hexagun +1 until 60. c.c ). So impatient!
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