August 20th, 2007


Apparently I'm the first NA crafter to reach bone 100! Woo! (FFXI)

The things people say! In the middle of Besieged, I MTed into /say. Some chick pounced on me, then started /telling me:

(Her name blacked because she was nice, just rather confused and wouldn't believe that I really didn't have bone 100.)

The conversation went on for a while after that ("You're not bone 100? You sure? You sure?"), but I was rather busy trying to keep the last general alive, so didn't get a second screenshot.

In other crafting related news, there hasn't been an ice bead sale on all of Midgar in 6 days. c.c Darned beads, I was about ready to vendor the whole lot of them, just to get rid of them. As a last ditch effort, I contacted a woodworking 100 person who just bought a ton of ice ores (she has a pet GSer to synth them for her) and offered her the made beads at the ore price. This would have been a fine plan except the price of ores have fallen 40K since I bought/made mine. :/ So I lost 400K on these darned beads, and still have two left to sell. That's 400K just on these ones I had waiting to sell, not all the ones I made previously.

Oh well, at least most of them are gone! I sent half the money to Thistle (his funds were distressingly low) and spent the other half on gold for Chaser to skill more. I really should have sent it all to Thistle, but I'm getting twitchy from not skilling.

Tomorrow is COR static! Yay!
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