August 21st, 2007


zzzzzzzzzzz (FFXI)

What a day/night. Work is really busy right now, which doesn't help at all. Walked through the door after work, sat down, XP static for a few hours. Yay COR 47! Besieged was starting right after. Took two hours. >< All generals dead, looked like a certain loss but we pulled it out.

So. Fricking. Tired.

Haven't had a moment of downtime all day, and now it's nearly bedtime. And don't ask about dinner, I don't think a Frosty from Wendy's counts.


Was kind of hoping we'd lose tonight, as I need to do a lot of shopping tomorrow and don't want to have to worry about missing an attack. We're certain to lose soon though, these attacks (level 8+) are too hard for NAs (let alone EUs) to keep on top of, we even lose at this level during JP time.

zzzzz I need a vacation from the game. :P
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