August 27th, 2007


Dear Santa... (FFXI)

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good boy this year, so I would like the following items:

Blue Hobby Bo -- Chocobo rocking horses! Eee!

Blackhorn -- Black horns, perfect for the up and coming DRK! (And how cool of a name is Pankration for the Pit thing?)

Imperial Standard -- Must Have Flags!

Steel bullets! All of them! (Though why are the pouches ex when the bullets aren't? o.O )Also, please let me know the crafting requirements of them.


In other update notes, a couple things have me unhappy/worried:

1) They're making glasses for everyone, not just crafters anymore. Looks like three kinds of glasses (fancy, dandy, redeye). Sorry to non-crafters who always wanted glasses, but that really annoys me. Glasses had been something special you had to work at crafting to get. :/

2) Platinum grips. Apparently they'll be crafted, since there's a +1 version of them. The timing of this is highly amusing: Chaser is about to never have to touch a gold ingot for GS leveling ever again! ...but she'll be moving on to using only platinum. c.c Know what's going to happen to ingot prices? Bah...

Oh well, point #2 might add to my reasons to pause goldsmithing on Chaser and put all my efforts to smithing on Fishingbot. (Assuming steel bullets are smithing, which makes sense.) I hadn't wanted to do smithing yet (gah, not another craft using fire crystals! Please!), but I need to be able to make my own bullets.

Can't wait for The Pit! Gotta catch 'em all!
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