August 28th, 2007


COR, screenshots, and such (FFXI)

So tired. After too little sleep last night, I made the unfortunate mistake of reading FFXI message boards while at work today. Gods above, do some one-handed and dual wield weapon users bitch and moan! One actually had the balls to complain that a two-handed weapon user who got the best armor possible had the nerve of parsing as well as an average-armored one-handed weapon user! I can't even count how many people I wanted to stab today. Oh no! You mean, gasp and dismay, a non-GAxe WAR might not be the best thing since sliced bread anymore?! Oh no! What will we ever do?!

Mumble. Now I'm all annoyed thinking about it again. God damned people bitching that they're not the very top of the world anymore. Grrr.

Anyway. In better news, we got to 48.5 today in COR static, so we should hopefully hit 50 next week for sure! Real bullets! New abilities! Better armor! The start of AF! And our sixth static member will be joining us as a SMN, which will make Evoker's Roll even more fun! (We're lucky to have a THF, so Rogue's Roll rocks, too.)

Some people like discovering new things; when new quests are introduced, some people take joy in running around and finding all the right NPCs for themselves. Not me, I like sitting and waiting a couple days and then following a guide so I don't do the wrong stuff. Mock me as you will, but if I had listened to that policy I would be much better off now. I want one of the new Hobby Bos (rocking horse choocbo), and one of the things needed to make it is "chocobo dye". Well, having done tons of racing and dealing in chocobucks before, I knew just where to get it! Paid my 50 chocobucks and got... my red chocobo turned blue. >< While he is really pretty as blue, red is better and I needed that bottle of dye! Turns out they put a new option in, and you needed to use that. ><

After static tonight I raced and raced and raced. Between yesterday and today I'm back up to 50 bucks, just need 25 more. Only wish I hadn't wasted those first 50 bucks by rushing!

Info on The Pit looks amazingly great, I can't wait to try it! Gotta catch 'em all!

Dear SE: If you're going to put "treasure" like this in H&C chests, I'm going to have to warn my friends to stop doing it! That could be dangerous!

And lastly, I made another goblin hat for some guy (I like that screenshot -- crafter's POV!). No clue who it was, though I think I made the level 70 BST JSE stuff for them. I'm getting more and more customers, which is really nice. :) (Edit: Eh, watch the guy I crafted for actually reads my LJ and I just totally blanked on knowing him. If I know you, sorry! Brain is shut down for the night. :P )

Tomorrow I must farm hickory lumber for the hobby bo, unless we're doing Dani's farming thing.
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