September 10th, 2007

Catboy Takuto love! (FMwS)

The Pit (FFXI)

Why don't I have a pokemon icon? I guess this one is closest to 'catching' things!

Wow. The Pit is amazingly fun and great and good! Somehow I've been on-game for 6.5 hours tonight, yet it doesn't feel like even 10 minutes. So tired!

I need a better mob. :/ My cluster is only level 5, which is the lowest I've seen. He has 47 feral points though, so I went with him. Need to go hunting for better mobs tomorrow, if I have time.

Caught a mess of fomor, the ugly elephant things, and some various other stuff. Need to go to U Range and catch bunnies/tigers/other stuff there.

Too many people are using wyverns and red dragon thingies though, so boring.

Wish there was a way to check mob level out in the field.

Won one battle, lost one, have one coming up in a half-hour.

Very very very very tired. zzz

This post has very short paragraphs.

Static tomorrow.

Work sucks.

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