September 19th, 2007

Catboy Takuto love! (FMwS)

Yay Catlove! (Assorted stuff)

Yay, Catlove is back! I was a little worried this morning (my email to support bounced c.c). I haven't done a backup on my site in six months or so. Guess what I'll be doing tonight!

And on a related note, I've never backed up my new computer and it's quite a few months old now. I have an external drive for it (same one I used on my old machine), but I don't have the CD with the software anymore. I checked the website, and they want $600 for a new copy of the software! How about NO. Need to look into doing something about that.


FFXI: New Wings of the Goddess expansion pack is coming out in Japan on 11/22! I hope they do the 'delayed activation' thing again so the whole world "gets" it at the same time, no matter when you get your CD.

And in Pit news, I spent much of today trying to figure out a new mob type, job, etc to get, and came up with nothing. NOTHING! Then I realized I kind of really liked my current mob. He's a Dark Knight! He's a Qutrub named Bloody Butcher! (I mean come on! He's covered in bloody bandages and named Bloody Butcher! And he's undead with a big blade! How fitting is that?)

Only odd thing/concern I have is that he keeps losing his weapon in the ring. I need to unfilter damage so I can see if that's actually hurting him or not. I hope not, otherwise he will have to go for sure. :/
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