November 4th, 2007

Staring blue cat

Cats are great (link, FFXI, RL -- three subjects in one tiny post!)

Yay cats. 3... 2... 1... GO!

And in non-cat news, today completed my wasted weekend. Got PLD to 10 (...yay...) got two more bone levels on Kat (...yay...). Did nothing else all day other than sit and stare at the wall.

Well, okay, I lied. I got a little RL stuff done. I've only been living on my own, what, ten years now and I only just today figured out that you could take your fridge apart to clean it. Like the shelves and stuff just come totally out! Made cleaning it so much easier. (I started out on the floor reaching in with paper towels.)

Didn't have breakfast, didn't have dinner. 1/3 on meals is a new record, bah.

Totally wasted, useless weekend. I'd look forward to going to work tomorrow if it wasn't a job I disliked.

The theme of my life is so upbeat lately, isn't it? :P
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