January 2nd, 2008


Free! Done! YAY! (FFXI)

This morning I turned in my last guild turn-in item ever! I had 203K GP and bought my peachy keen leathercrafting sign! Tails! Tails! All mine! Yay sign! (You can also see the corner I mentioned in yesterday's post, the one little switch I had ended up making.)

Recall yesterday I spent two hours reorganized my MH? Well now, suddenly, I have more ice energy than I know what to do with and needed to do it again! Famine to feast in less than a week! Snowmen, sign, and I did a quest for an item I had somehow missed (stationary set). So today I had to adjust things again. I took out another bed (poor Thistle now has only one small one good for just one person, no more double bed with room for "company"~), and the last of those fugly screens that had been in just for ice energy.

Too bad the item comes with the worst title ever (you can see it, as well as info on moglification, in the screenshot).

I'm so happy to be all done with turn-ins! What a drain on time and money they are! And I was able to mule/sell all the leather I was holding to do them, which freed up 20 (20!) slots in my locker! Yay!

*bats at the tails on the sign* Wonder what mob they come from? Doesn't look like anything in the game yet.
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